Summer Nutrition Habits

Let’s talk nutrition!

You’ve probably seen hundreds of diet programs out there, and they all promise the world.

“Add lean muscle fast!”

“Drop X pounds in 14 days.”

“Miraculous results!”

We’re all about simple, effective nutrition coaching, so we have a few simple tips for you as summer continues. It can be tempting to sip on those refreshing and tasty drinks or make food choices that don’t match your goals.

First, we should take steps to prevent those mistakes before we make them. Think about some choices you’ve made that don’t match your goals. Here’s an example: absentmindedly eating three doughnuts while working even though you want to drop 10lb before a special event.

For any food-related habits you want to change, try to make the items invisible, unattractive, and difficult to get.

Here’s an example:

  1. Invisible: If you purchase doughnuts, store them out of sight so they are not in your line of sight when you walk through your kitchen.
  2. Unattractive: To make doughnuts less attractive, don’t purchase your favorites. This might seem odd, but remember we are taking small steps to break habits, and not buying doughnuts at all might be a big step. So buy the brand that don’t appeal to you as much to reduce temptation and desire.
  3. Difficult to Get: Finally, find a way to add some difficulty to the process of snacking. What if you put the doughnuts in a downstairs freezer and pile some boxes on top of it? You’ll be less inclined to dig the treats up unless you really want them.

Remember: invisible, unattractive, and difficult to get.

Next, here’s how to grind in habits that support your goals: Make sound choices obvious, attractive, and easy. So let’s say you know that eating more fruits and vegetables would move you closer to your fitness and health goals.

  1. Obvious: Place fruits and veggies in high-profile locations—like the front of the fridge or a bowl in a prime spot on the counter.
  2. Attractive: Buy produce you like. If you hate broccoli but love cucumbers, put the latter in your cart, and don’t try to choke down stuff you dislike.
  3. Easy: Chop everything in advance so it couldn’t be easier to make a healthy choice. Instead of digging in the basement freezer for a doughnut, you’ll grab a bowl of chopped strawberries for a big win.

Remember: obvious, attractive, and easy.

You can apply this simple structure no matter what your goal is. You can even use it outside the gym. We hope it helps!

Here’s the rocket fuel you can add: accountability. It’s one thing for me to lay out the plan in an email and another for me to message you and say “Did you chop your favorite veggies and put them at the front of the fridge for a snack tomorrow?”

With backup from a coach, you’ll get your habits adjusted at warp speed and start moving toward your goals very quickly.

We’d love to help you! If you’d like to talk to us about your nutrition goals, sign up for a free 1:1 nutrition intro!