FTX Fire Team 8 Challenge & Fundraiser


1/2 day, 4-person team competition on Saturday, August 19th, 2023.

8:00am – 12:30pm w/ an all you can eat Taco Truck party until 1:30pm.


In the military the smallest unit is the fire team – a 4-person unit. On occasion, such as with a sniper pair or swim pair, special forces units will even deploy in pairs. But in either case, always operating as part of a greater effort. FTX stands for Final Training exercise, which in the military are field tests to see if a unit is ready for deployment or Mission Ready. In that spirit, FTX CrossFit is holding its 8th Fire Team Competition and Fundraiser on Saturday, August 19th for 4 person Fire Teams (MMFF). Come together as a community for a greater cause to help soldiers and their families that have suffered injuries or other hardship serving our country and see if your Fire Team is Mission Ready. Part of the proceeds will go to the SEAL Legacy Foundation. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the SEAL Legacy Foundation!


All Fire Teams are MMFF – Each Fire Team will consist of 2 males and 2 females. There will be only one division. All events are especially designed so all skill levels can do them while at the same time being challenged. We are limiting the event to only 20 teams. This allows for a guaranteed on-time schedule and plenty of space for athletes, judges and spectators.

This competition is designed so that everyone should be able to find a team and be able to compete. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. In this competition, teams will be able to effectively compete regardless of skill level or experience. In fact, it can help to have some specialists on your team. Given this format, multiple divisions are unwarranted. Just do it and have fun!

There will be 3 main WODs on the day of the competition.

Judges: All are L1 Certified! Judges get $50 for day, all you can eat Taco Truck party (BYOB), goodie bag (1 FitAid, 1 Protein Bar, 2 Water Bottles), and a shirt. This results in a well-run and professionally managed event!

Volunteers: All you can eat Taco Truck party (BYOB), goodie bag (1 FitAid, 1 Protein Bar, 2 Water Bottles), and a shirt.

Team Entry Fee: $400 for 4 person FireTeam (must register by 7/27 to get shirts) Fee covers competition, goodie bag (4 FitAids, 4 Protein Bars, 4 Water Bottles), shirts, and all you can eat Taco Truck party (BYOB)! No refunds for cancellations. Parking is free. We guarantee that we will be done with the competition by 1:30pm or money back (conditions apply – see fine print at end)

Spectators/Coaches: $20 per person (Kids 5 and under accompanied by a paying adult are free). This includes goodie bag (1 FitAid, 1 Protein Bar, 1 Water Bottle) and all you can eat Taco Truck!


0700-0730 Volunteers and Judges Check-in
0730-0800 Athlete Check-in (Coffee provided)
0800-0815 Opening Ceremony
0815-0830 WOD #1 Briefing
0830-0930 WOD #1
0930-0945 Break
0945-1000 WOD #2 Briefing
1000-1100 WOD #2
1100-1115 Break
1115-1130 WOD #3 Briefing
1130-1230 WOD #3
1200-1400 All you can eat Taco Truck Party & Award Ceremony


1st Place FireTeam – $1,000

2nd Place FireTeam – $500

3rd Place FireTeam – $100 + Goodie bag for 4 worth $150+


Overall score will be points per place (Fewest points wins). In this system, competitors will score as many points as their place in each workout. All WODs are equally weighted.


WOD #1 “Get into the fight”

4 Round Relay for time:

11 Burpee Box Jump-overs 20″

5 Shuttle Runs 25′ x 2 (Back & Forth = 1)

Move weighted “marker” 25′ (16x total)

Each team runs through the relay one member at a time in whatever order they desire. Order will stay the same throughout the relay. The next team member may start as soon as the prior team member has finished the burpee box jump-overs. Once a team member completes their round of shuttle runs, they may move one of the team’s weighted markers 25′. Team members will each cycle through the relay 4 times. There are 8 markers. For the first 8x, markers will be moved in one direction. Then for the second 8x, the markers will be moved back to their starting position. Once all markers have been moved the 25′ back and forth, the relay is completed.

Score = Time (Cap 12:00)
In the event the time cap is reached, each marker not moved is plus :30s to the 12:00 cap, and each completed shuttle run by the last athlete still doing shuttle runs is minus :01s. Example: If a team had 2 markers still left to move and had an athlete that just completed 3 shuttle runs at the time of the cap, then their score would be 12:57.

Movement Standards:
Burpee Box Jump-overs
 – Athletes start in front of the box, and then perform a burpee facing any which way. Each burpee involves dropping down with the chest, hips and thighs making full contact with the ground. Athletes can then stand up any which way to then jump or step-up on to the box. Both feet must at some point be on top of the box at the same time. The rep is then finished once the athlete jumps or steps-down fully on the other side of the box. Once an athlete completes the 11 burpee box jump-overs, they move on to the shuttle runs.
Shuttle Runs – Athletes will move 5 small blocks of wood between 2 buckets set 25′ apart. Once all 5 blocks have been moved, they may move one of the markers.
Markers – Markers are weighted odd objects each weighing between 20 and 75 lbs. Example of what a marker might be: 70# KB, 45# Cinderblock, 40# water jug. Markers will be moved 25′ between two 4′ x 6′ horse stall mats. Each time a member completes moving a marker, they get back in line to go through the relay again. Once all markers have been moved back and forth by the team, they’ve completed the relay. All teams will have the same assortment of 8 markers they’ll have to move back and forth the 25′ distance between mats. Markers may not be set down except on the mats. Setting down a marker constitutes a no rep, and would require moving the marker back and starting that rep of moving it 25′ over. Markers maybe carried any which way by the individual athlete moving it as long as it does not touch the ground, markers are not thrown/dropped, or carried in an unsafe manner. Safe being primarily defined by the athlete having full control of the object. Example: Balancing object on shoulders without also having a firm grip with at least one hand would not be safe.

WOD #2 “Dead Weight”

12:00 AMRAP

Partner Deadlift buy-in

Partner Wheel-barrow 30′

Bike and row for cals

Score = Combined score of the calories on the bike and rower

Two athletes select one of the following partner deadlift buy-ins:

30 reps @ 225 lbs

15 reps @ 405 lbs

Once a pair completes the required # of deadlifts, they then proceed to the partner wheel-barrow for a 30′ distance. Once they complete this, they may begin rowing and biking. At that point the next pair begins on their deadlifts (as soon as the “wheelbarrow” passes the 30′ line). Once that pair reaches the bike and rower, they may switch out with the pair rowing and biking as desired. There is no requirement to switch out immediately. Once a switch has been made, that athlete may only row again after going through the buy-in again. There is no requirement for any single athlete to switch out from rowing or biking; however, it always takes 2 athletes to complete a buy-in. Keep all this in mind as you develop a strategy for your team.

Movement Standards:
– As a pair (any 2 the team chooses), select one of the weights and together perform the number of reps required. Reps can be done individually or as a pair. If a rep is done individually, then the rep starts with the bar/weights on ground and is completed once the athlete reaches a standing position with hips/knees locked out and shoulders behind the bar. If both athletes do a rep together, then they have to both grab bar between the plates and face the same way. Each rep starts with the bar/weights on the ground and is finished when both athletes reach standing position with hip/knees locked out and shoulders behind the bar. Pairs can alternate between doing the individually or as a pair as desired. All that matters is that the given weight is lifted the prerequisite number of reps. For each buy-in, once a weight is chosen, pairs must complete that one or fully start over on the other weight. Reps from the two different weights cannot be mixed and matched, each time pairs go through the buy-in it’s one or the other.
Partner Wheelbarrow – One athlete is the “wheelbarrow” and the other is the “pusher”. Who is who is up to each pair. The “wheelbarrow” must start fully behind the starting line. The pusher can grab/hold the “wheelbarrow’s” legs anywhere below the knee. Nothing but the “wheelbarrow’s” hands may touch the ground once the line is crossed. If any other body part of the “wheelbarrow” touches the ground before both hands cross the 30′ mark, then they must go back to the previous line crossed (there will be a line at the 15′ mark). If for some reason the “pusher” and “wheelbarrow” want to switch before completing the full 30′, they do need to start the 30′ over.
Row/Bike – Get as many cals as possible. Athletes may not touch screens during event. Athletes are responsible for all seat, damper and foot clamp adjustments.

WOD #3 “Guard the base”

25:00 AMRAP
Complete as many of the following as possible in 25:00. Completing each of the tasks listed below will earn the athlete performing the task a colored ping pong ball. After completing every task performed, athletes take their earned ping pong ball and return it to their base. One athlete from each team has to stay at their base at all times. Athletes may only be holding one ping pong ball at a time.

For 1 pt each:
There is no limit on the number of white ping pong balls teams can collect.

200m run [white]

For 5 points each:
Each team can earn a max of 25 points per exercise below, i.e. 5 maximum of each color of ping pong.

10 Wall Walks [red]

5 Rope Climbs 16′ [blue]

20 Slam Ball Cleans over 5′ Obstacle/Hurdle [yellow]

20 Stick Jumps 30/24″ [green]

20 Tire flips [pink]

Score = Points earned from collecting the various colored ping pong balls.

Movement Standards:

Run – Complete the 200m course.

Note: There will be 2 of each of the following stations. First come, first serve, throughout the workout 
Wall Walks [Red] – Complete 10 wall walks. Athletes will begin and end each rep lying perpendicular to the wall on the floor with hands, toes, chest, hips and thighs making full contact with the floor. Athletes then walk up the wall until their bodies are in a vertical position with the chest/rib cage touching the wall. Once chest/rib cage touches the wall they may descend back down to the start/finish position.
Rope Climbs [Blue] – Climb rope and touch beam at the top. One hand must remain on the rope at all times, i.e. no dropping off. You need to control descent. You may jump up to grab rope.
Slam Ball Cleans [Yellow] – Pick up a slam ball and get it over the hurdle any which way. Weight of the slam ball will be somewhere between 20-30#. The hurdle is a horizontal wood bar securely fixed at approx. 54-60″ off the ground. Step under the hurdle, pick up the slam ball and repeat for a total of 20 reps.
Stick Jumps [Green] – PVC supported by two 30/24″ boxes. Jump over the stick any which way that is 30/24″ high. If you knock over the stick, you have to place it back and continue. Knocking over the stick is a no rep. Repeat for 20 reps.
Tire Flips [Pink] – Flip the tire any which way 20 times. Tire has to stay in the designated 20′ x 20′ area. If you can deadlift 100+ lbs. you can flip these tires.

Strategy – Since athletes/teams can choose which order and number of tasks to complete, teams can strategically decide who does what given their strengths and weaknesses. No individual athlete is required to do a minimum of any of the above. And no athlete is limited as to how many tasks they may perform, except by the overall team limit on any given color (5 per task, except white is unlimited).


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. Must be at least 14 to compete. If you are under 18 make sure that you come with a parent/guardian or have your parent/guardian sign our online waiver. Contact us for an online waiver at trainer@ftxcrossfit.com.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

We have plenty of free parking. We are located at a major intersection – Gary Ave. and Geneva Rd. We have also reserved the parking lot of Gospel Life Church at N100 Gary Ave, Carol Stream, IL 60188. It is only 400 meters North of FTX CrossFit. Please only park in designated areas. We want to be good neighbors.

Can people come and watch? Can spectators come for free?

No. We encourage friends and family to come and cheer you on, but because we are providing all attendees a goodie-bag and the all you can eat Taco Truck party, there is a $20 per person cost.

What facilities do you have?

We have a 6,250+ sf state-of-the-art training facility with all the amenities. Free parking. A/C and Heat. Clean bathrooms w/ showers. Drinking fountains.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Yes, write us at trainer@ftxcrossfit.com

Do your events run on time?

We strive hard to ensure a well-run event that goes according to our advertised schedule.
We guarantee that the competition will be done by 1:30pm or your money back. This does not include the Taco Truck party which will go past 1:30pm. Our guarantee does not cover for events or acts of God that are beyond our control (weather, power outages, etc.).

What’s the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this type of event, we can’t offer refunds. We allocate funds to things like prizes, staff, equipment and more based upon the number of registered athletes, and allowing refunds would make it impossible to plan, budget and run an event like this.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

We don’t allow refunds, but if you can’t make it then you can have someone else take your place. They do have to still be on the same team and still maintain an MMFF team.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes, as long as the sex remains the same. All participants do have to sign waivers. Minors must have this done by a parent or legal guardian.