WOD Mon. Mar. 26

March 25th, 2012

We have completed the 2012 CrossFit Open! Congratulations to all who did all 5 WODs.
We will now be going back our “normal” programming.
This week we will be resuming our 5-3-1 Strength programming for our Level 1/2 members.
Please read this to learn more about the 5-3-1 Strength programming.

WOD Team AMRAP 20:00
All levels

Box Jump to 16″ Box
Depth Drop then jump to 24″ Platform
Bag lunges 20 ft.
40 Yard Shuttle Sprint (Run 20 Yards. Touch ground with one hand. Sprint back.)
Bag carry 20 ft.
(1 Partner rests while other works, no starting next round until the partner is 100% done.)
If weather does not permit running outside, then we will do 40 Yard Shuttle Sprints indoors. (Run 10 yards. Touch ground with one hand. Spring back. And repeat.)

The 16″ box is set up about 3ft. from the 24″ platform. A depth drop involves simply stepping off the 16″ box. Landing with the balls of both feet at the same time. Making brief contact with the heel and then jumping immediately up to the 24″ box.

Your score will be the total number of completed rounds between the two partners.