WOD Tue. Jan. 31

January 30th, 2012

Skillwork: Pick a skill or two that you would consider a weakness and work on them
(Double-unders, rope climb, Kipping pull-ups, Olympic lifts, etc.)

12:00 minute AMRAP

All levels

10 yard sprint-pivot-sprint to start
10 yard lateral shuffle and back
10 Double unders or 40 single jumps
10 Wall Balls w/ 10#MB
5 Tuck Jumps
5 Pull-ups

WOD Tue. Jan. 24

January 23rd, 2012

Skill-work: Turkish get-ups  and burpees as described in the WOD. Make sure you have good mechanics.

Level 1/2
AMRAP 20min.
“Never let go!”
2 Turkish Get-ups w/ 30lb KBs or dumbbells
(Hold both KBs or dumbbells. Only one is raised though. Alternate which arm is raised.)
4 Burpees with 30lb KBs dumbbells held in each hand
(Instead of jump KBs/dumbbells must be fully extended overhead)
6 Anchored sit-ups while holding 30lb KBs or dumbbells
80m Farmer walk w/ both 30lb KBs or dumbbells
Goal is to never let go of your dumbbells or KBs!

All of the above except sub Indian Sit-ups w/o wt. for Turkish Get-ups.