2020 FTX Open: Competition

September 18th, 2020

FTX CrossFit
1010 W. Geneva RD, Wheaton, IL 60187

Individual Competition
Saturday, November 7th, 2020

2 online video submission events / 2 In-Person events
(Videos must be completed prior to Saturday, October 31st at 11pm CT.)

Cost = $65 entry fee (includes shirt or tank)

Register here.

Format of Competition

Two events will be submitted via video online, which will be scored as two workouts. Then two events, which will be scored as 2 workouts each or 4 total, will be done in person. This event is ultra Covid and schedule friendly as it requires only a 1 hour in-person commitment on the day of the competition. Total event score is comprised of 6 scores (2 scores for online video submissions and 4 scores for in-person events). The video submissions must be completed by Saturday, October 31st at 11:00pm Central Time. The video submissions may be completed any time between registration and the deadline. Athletes are also welcome to do the video workouts at our location during any of our regular hours.

This competition is an Open competition with no skill-level divisions. Every workout is designed so that virtually anyone with basic CrossFit experience can compete. There is a single male division and a single female division. If you can climb a rope, then you should be OK doing all the WODs. Our prizes will reward overall, individual WOD and heat performances. So, regardless of skill and fitness level, this will be a great competition.

On Saturday, November 7th, 2020 each athlete will be assigned an hour sometime between 12:00pm and 6:00pm in which to come into FTX CrossFit and perform the two in-person workouts. Athletes will have 20’+ distances between each other and will not share equipment. Judges will keep a 10’+ distance from athletes. All equipment will be disinfected between uses. No masks will be required for athletes, judges or spectators at any time. Each hour will have up to 10 athletes perform their workouts. There will be approximately 30 minutes of rest between the two events. The time slots/hours will be assigned by rank based on the performance of the online video submissions. This will make for competitive heats and more excitement for the in-person events. Each athlete may bring one spectator. All this will ensure having no more than 1 athlete and 1 spectator per 600 sqft.


1/2* of all entry fees will be distributed as prizes. (Actual fund – $400)
Overall Prizes = 60% of prize fund ($240)

  • 1st Place Overall – Male & Female – 20% each of prize fund ($80)
  • 2nd Place Overall – Male & Female – 10% each of prize fund ($40)
  • 3rd Place Overall – Male & Female – Gift bag

Top WOD Prizes = 40% of prize fund ($160)

  • 1st Place in each WOD – Male & Female – 5% each of prize fund ($20)

Top Heat Prizes – Male & Female – Case of FitAid Zero.
(These are awarded for top performance in a given hour regardless of overall standings. The combined scores of WODs 3 and 4 will be used, and just in relation to the others participating in that hour.)

* Less cost of shirts.

Register here.


Online WOD #1 – What are you made of?

For time:

  • 2,000m Row
  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Over-the-rower burpees

Score is time.

WOD description video link.

Workout will begin and end on the rower. Burpees are to be done at athlete’s discretion sometime during the row, but athlete must row at least 100m between each set of burpees. Burpee sets must be done in order shown, i.e. set of 10 first, then set of 9, and so on. Athlete must row at least 100m before completing the initial set of 10 burpees, and must row at least 100m after the final set of 1 burpee. This ensures starting and ending the WOD on the rower. While rowing the athlete must have feet fully seated in the footplate with the strap over the foot. The strap does not have to be fully tightened, but should clearly be over the foot.

Standard for the burpee is full contact of chest and hips on floor in the bottom position, and clearing rower track during the jump at the top of the burpee. A two foot take off is required on the burpee jump. No full extension of the body is required at the top of the burpee. If a foot accidentally touches the rower track during the jump, but you make it over, then it’s a valid jump. The body during the bottom of the burpee can be in any orientation in relation to the rower at the discretion of the athlete, i.e. perpendicular, parallel or any angle in between. You just have to clearly be on one side of the rower.

Equipment and Camera Setup: Rower will be set to use the preset standard 2,000m workout. To do this choose Select Workout on the main menu of the rower. The select standard list and then the 2000m workout. This will provide the timer for the WOD. Ensure that you’re using the Large Print display and that the unit displayed is meters. Your video should show the screen at the beginning and end of the workout. At the beginning of the video athlete should state their name and that they are doing the FTX Open WOD #1. Handle should be in the cradle at the beginning of the WOD. Once you start rowing, the monitor should not be touched. The timer will automatically start once you start rowing, and will automatically stop once you reach 2,000m. During the workout, ensure the camera angle keeps the monitor in the viewing area and that the video shows your are completing good burpees. Ensure a good view of the final time at the end of the video.

Athletes can also come to FTX to do this video.

We are using Competition Corner for this competition. See their instructions here for submitting scores and submitting videos.

Online WOD #2 – “It’s getting kind of heavy!”

WOD #2 is a variant of the IKFF CKT Level 1 Assessment

For time complete the following 4 exercises with a single kettlebell 20kg/44-45lb for men and 12kg/25-27lb for women:

  • 100 Hand-hand Swings – switching hands after each rep is completed
  • 16+16 single-arm Clean & Presses: 16 reps per hand; 32 reps total non-stop (No alternating. 16 reps must be completed with one hand, and then 16 reps with the other hand.)
  • 60 Snatches: 60 reps with only 1 hand switch (can do 30 each hand or any combo that totals 60 reps)
  • 30 Goblet Squats

Score is time.

WOD description video link

The kettlebell may not touch the floor at any time during the workout. If you do set it down, then you must complete 3 burpees as a penalty each time it touches the floor. You may “rest” the kettlebell without penalty in the hang or rack position. In the hang, the kettlebell must be held by the handle off the floor while not touching any other body part, and the free hand cannot be used for any type of support. In the rack position, the kettlebell is held by the handle in a cradle position in the crook of the elbow. The free hand may not be used for any type of support.

For the hand-hand swings the KB has to reach belly-button height on each swing. On the bottom of the swing it must pass between both legs.

For the clean & presses only one hand is working, and the other hand may not be used for any type of support. It must stay clear of the body, legs, etc. The clean may be a swing or a pull. The press may be strict, push or jerk. Split jerks are not allowed. Keep in mind all 16 must be completed by one hand first and then the other, but athlete choose which hand to use first. Both hands may of course touch KB during the switch. The bottom of each clean & press is a hang, and the top is a fully locked out single-arm press with knees, hips and arm fully locked out and extended. The KB should be overhead and inline with a side profile of the body. It can be slightly to the right or left of center when body is viewed from front/back, but center of KB should not be outside of shoulders. The KB must pass through the clean position with a clear pause/transition at shoulder height.

For the snatch only one hand is working, and the other hand may not be used for any type of support. It must stay clear of the body, legs, etc. Each snatch may be initiated with a swing or a pull, but then must travel to the full lock-out position at the top without pausing. The 60 snatches must be completed with only one hand switch. Both hands may of course touch KB during the switch. The bottom of each snatch is a hang, and the top is a fully locked out single-arm snatch with knees, hips and arm fully locked out and extended. The KB should be overhead and inline with a side profile of the body. It can be slightly to the right or left of center when body is viewed from front/back, but center of KB should not outside of shoulders.

For the goblet squats the KB is held in a front or front rack position. Both hands may be used to hold the kettlebell. At least one hand must have a full and firm grip on the handle, or both hands have to fully cup/hold KB. Other than that the kettlebell can be in any orientation. KB must be held above solar plexus and below chin. It may rest on anterior deltoids, biceps and/or forearms. Top of the squat has knees and hips fully locked out. Bottom of the squat must reach below parallel as measured by the top of the knee and the crease of the hip and thigh.

If the KB is put on the ground, then the athlete must perform 3 penalty burpees each time this happens. The bottom of the burpee involves chest and hips making full contact with the ground. The top of the burpee has hands clapping over the head, feet slightly off the ground, and hips/knees fully locked out. After the penalty, the athlete resumes the workout where they left off while following all of the respective rules for whichever of the 4 exercises they were on. This is especially true for which arm continues doing work for the clean and presses or the snatches. The one switch only rule must still be observed.

Equipment and Camera Setup: You will need a single kettlebell and a timer. Ensure timer is in view the whole time. Athlete needs to state name and that they are doing FTX Open WOD #2 at the beginning of the video. KB starts on the floor with athlete not touching it. Athlete picks up KB once timer starts. WOD/time ends with the completion of the 30th and final Goblet Squat. Gloves and/or lifting belts are permitted.

Athletes can also come to FTX to do this video and/or borrow one of our KBs for 24 hours to take home to perform the WOD.

We are using Competition Corner for this competition. See their instructions here for submitting scores and submitting videos.

In-person WOD #3 – “Get over it!”

WOD 3a:
For time with a 10:00 cap complete the following:

  • 5-4-3-2-1 Rope Climbs
  • 10 Box climb overs M=30″ / F=24″

Score is time.

WOD 3b:

  • +3 minutes to achieve a 1RM Clean.

Score is lbs. lifted successful 1RM.

WOD 3b starts immediately at the 10:00 mark. Athletes may not start the 1RM clean prior to that.

These are 13′ rope climbs. Athletes must safely control decent.
Box climb overs are performed with athlete starting on one side of the box and finishing each rep on the other side. Each rep is started and finished fully on the ground with nothing touching box. Athletes may jump and/or climb over the box any which way as long as at some point both feet are simultaneously on the box, i.e. athlete is completely on the top of the box. Where the hands are in the process of climbing over is up to the athlete as long as the above rule about both feet being on the box simultaneously at some point is observed. Athletes must also observe rule about starting and finishing reps completely on floor and not touching boxes. Boxes will be standard wood plyo-boxes 30″ x 24″ x 20″. Gloves are permitted on 3a.

For the 1RM Clean. An initial weight can be loaded on the bar prior to the whole WOD starting, i.e. prior to 3A. Athlete must load/change own weights. Collars must be used. As long as final attempt has cleared the ground prior to 3:00 mark it will count if successfully locked out. Athlete must stay within designated area throughout the whole lift. Weight belts are permitted.

In-person WOD #4 – “Out of gas”

WOD 4a:

Complete 3 rounds of 2:30 of work / :30 of rest for reps of:

  • Buy-in: Assault Bike M=20 cals / F=15 cals
  • Max. # of Wall Ball M= 20# @ 10′ / F= 14# @ 9′

Score is reps of wall balls

Rest 2:00 and then

WOD 4b:

In one minute lift the most total pounds doing thrusters

Score is reps x wt.

Athlete starts each round seated on the Assault Bike with a zeroed out monitor. Athlete is responsible for zeroing out cals each round. Wall balls are standard wall balls beginning with a squat below parallel and ending with center of ball hitting target height. Only wall balls are counted for the score. The Assault Bike is a buy-in for each round.

There is a 2:00 rest between WOD 4a and 4b. The total time for WOD 4a and 4b is 12:00 (9:00 4a + 2:00 rest + 1:00 4b)

Athletes may have a preloaded bar ready for the thrusters, i.e. prior to 4a commencing. Bar must have collars. Weight belts and gloves are allowed. The thrusters are standard thrusters starting with a below parallel squat at the bottom and a finishing with a full lockout at the top. The motion from bottom to full lock out must be a single non-stop fluid motion. It can not be a front squat with a pause and then a press. Athletes may rest the bar in the front rack position on the way down, but not on the way up. Athletes have 1:00 to complete as many reps as possible of their chosen weight. Athletes can put down the bar on the floor to rest as many times as needed. Athletes may squat clean into a thruster anytime they are coming off the ground. The score is the number of reps times the weight chosen. Example: Athlete 1 chooses 100# and manages to get 20 reps. Athlete 1’s score is 2,000. Athlete 2 chooses 75# and manages to get 30 reps. Athlete 2’s score is 2,250. Athlete 3 also chooses 75#, but gets 26 reps. Athlete 3’s score is 1,950. The winner in this example is Athlete 2.

Register here.


What are your Covid-19 restrictions and safeguards?

This event will be run indoors. Each athlete area will be separated by at least 10′. Judges will remain 10′ away. Given the space available to us and the limited number of athletes per hour, we can ensure plenty of social distancing between teams, judges/volunteers and spectators. Masks are NOT required, and athletes are NOT allowed to wear a mask during a WOD. All equipment will be disinfected between events/heats, and this includes the climbing ropes. We have polydacron ropes, and we can wipe those down between uses.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. Must be at least 14 to compete. If you are under 18 make sure that you come with a parent/guardian or have your parent/guardian sign our online waiver. Contact us for online waiver at events@ftxcrossfit.com. 

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

We have plenty of free onsite parking. We are located at a major intersection – Gary Ave. and Geneva Rd. Please only park in designated areas. We want to be good neighbors.

Can people come and watch? Can spectators come for free?

Yes! We encourage you to bring one spectator. To keep this event ultra Covid friendly we are limiting this to one person. The spectator can attend for free.

What facilities do you have?

We have a 6,500+ sqft state-of-the-art training facility with all the amenities. Free parking. A/C and Heat. Clean bathrooms w/ showers. Drinking fountains. Water bottle filling station.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Yes, write us at events@ftxcrossfit.com

Do your events run on time?

We strive hard to ensure a well-run event that goes according to our advertised schedule.

What’s the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this type of event, we can’t offer refunds. We allocate funds to things like prizes, staff, equipment and more based upon the number of registered athletes, and allowing refunds would make it impossible to plan, budget and run an event like this. 

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

We don’t allow refunds, but if you can’t make it then you can have someone else take your place. They do have to remain in the same division as you would have been. They also have to be the same sex as you.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes, as long as the division and sex remains the same. All participants do have to sign waivers. Minors must have this done by a parent or legal guardian.


Here are some pictures from our previous events

Fine print: No refunds for any reason. We cannot guarantee against anything beyond our control such as extreme weather or outside interruptions.
All participants will need to sign a waiver. Each prize winner is responsible for claiming prizes and paying corresponding taxes as per applicable tax laws. In defining our divisions, male and female are based on purely biological DNA parameters. Male = XY Chromosomes and Female = XX Chromosomes.