Fire Team 6 Challenge & Fundraiser

May 21st, 2021

FTX CrossFit
1010 W. Geneva RD, Wheaton, IL 60187

A one day 4 person team competition
MMFF with Beg/Int and Rx Divisions
Saturday, June 19, 2021

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Description of Competition & Fundraiser

In the military the smallest unit is the fire team – a 4 person unit. On occasion, such as with a sniper pair or swim pair, special forces units will even deploy in pairs. But in either case, always operating as part of a greater effort. FTX stands for Final Training eXercise, which in the military are field tests to see if a unit is ready for deployment or Mission Ready. In that spirit, FTX CrossFit is holding its 6th Annual FireTeam Competition and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 19th for 4 person FireTeams (MMFF). Come together as a community for a greater cause to help soldiers and their families that have suffered injuries or other hardship serving our country and see if your FireTeam is Mission Ready. Part of the proceeds will go to the SEAL Legacy Foundation.




Format of Competition

All FireTeams are MMFF – Each Fire Team will consist of 2 males and 2 females. There will be two divisions: Rx and Beg/Int. We are limiting the event to only 10 teams per division. This allows for an on-time schedule and plenty of space for athletes, judges and spectators.
This competition is designed so that everyone should be able to find a partner or team and be able to compete. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. In this competition, teams will be able to effectively compete regardless of skill level or experience. Just do it and have fun!
There will be 3 main WODs on the day of the competition. There will also be 2 “mini” WODs. The minis will be short tests that will take 4 minutes or less each. These will be done in pairs. Each FireTeam will select who does each mini-WOD challenge.

Judges: All are L1 Certified! Judges receive monetary compensation + lunch and a shirt on the day of competition. This results in a well-run and professionally managed event!

Volunteers: Lunch + shirt


13502097_1042692935822591_3329283434662672240_n   13524384_1043068285785056_3327026846591976435_n

Entry Fee: $320 for 4 person FireTeam (must register by 6/1 to get shirts) Fee covers competition and a shirt. No refunds for cancellations. Parking is free. We guarantee that we will be done by 2:30 pm or money back (conditions apply – see fine print at end)

0730-0745 Volunteer and Judges Check-in
0800-0845 Athlete Check-in (Coffee and Snacks provided)
0845-0900 Opening Ceremony
0900-0915 WOD #1 Briefing
0915-0930 Warm-up time
0930-1000 WOD #1
1000-1010 Break
1010-1020 WOD #2 Briefing
1020-1035 Obstacle Practice
1035-1045 Break
1045-1100 WOD #2
1100-1115 Break
1115-1130 Mini-WOD Briefing
1130-1200 Mini-WODs
1200-1215 Break
1215-1230 WOD #3 Briefing
1230-1300 WOD #3
1300-1330 Closing Ceremony

(Prizes based on 5 or more FireTeams per division. Otherwise they’ll be reduced accordingly and proportionally.)

1st Place FireTeam Rx – $640 / Beginner/Intermediate – $320
2nd Place FireTeam Rx – $320 Gifts / Beginner/Intermediate – $160
3rd Place FireTeam Rx – 4 Gift bags / Beginner/Intermediate – 4 Gift Bags

Overall Scoring

Overall score will be points per place (Fewest points wins). In this system, competitors will score as many points as their place in each workout.

Men’s Shirt & Women’s Tank (Must register by Tuesday, June 1st to get a shirt.)


WOD #1 “Biathlon”

12:00 AMRAP divided into 6 two-minute rounds. Pairs alternate stations each round.

  • Station A – 2 Athletes Ski Erg for Meters
  • Station B – 2 Athletes are thrusting for lbs

Each team will choose their two pairs. Once pairs are decided, athletes must remain in that same pair for the duration of the workout. One pair will share effort on the Ski Erg, while the other pair shares effort on thrusters. Each team can set up 2 barbells to choose from, but only one person can be doing thrusters at a time. Barbell weights are decided by the team prior to the beginning of WOD and cannot be changed once the workout begins. Pairs switch stations every 2 minutes (i.e. two people move from barbell thrusters to Ski Erg and vice versa). The pair on the Ski Erg are both working on a single Ski Erg together at the same time with each athlete on one of the handles. For the thrusters the total lbs. thrusted is calculated by multiplying reps and weight of the bars used. Pair doing thrusters alternate doing work and bars as desired.

Score = Meters + total lbs. thrusted


WOD #2 “Obstacles”

15:00 AMRAP

All athletes run as many 200m loops as possible. We measure this with ping pong balls, i.e. each time an athlete goes around they get a white ping pong ball and then drop it off in a bucket at their base.
As they do the 200m loops, teams will have any athlete(s) from their team break-off at their discretion to complete various tasks.


  1. Climb cargo net (red ping pong ball) – [Rx is up and over, Beg/Int. is just touch top]
  2. Climb outside rope climb (blue ping pong ball) – [Rx involves a transfer to a second rope for the climb down via a ring at the top, Beg/Int. is just touch top.]
  3. Climb ramps and hurdles – (green ping pong ball) – [Rx involves reverse ramp (essentially a jumping m/u, Beg/Int. skips reverse ramp]
  4. Move various heavy objects 10m from one palette to another (yellow ping pong ball) – (2 athletes from team must work together on this one) Rx moves approx. 400 lbs.(max. object = 80 lbs) / Beg./Int. moves approx. 250 lbs. (max. object = 45 lbs)
  5. 1:00 of rest – (pink ping pong ball)

Score = # of ping pongs collected
White ping pongs earned for running 200m = 1 point each
Colored ping pongs earned for tasks = 5 points each (20 balls / team possible = 100 points)
Once a ping pong ball is earned by an athlete it must be deposited at the team’s base before that athlete can go and earn another ping pong ball.

Teams may only collect 4 of each of the non-white (5 different colors) ping pong balls. Tasks will be on a first come first serve basis, i.e. if someone else is on an obstacle you’ll have to wait or choose a different task that is open. Only 2 athletes, regardless of team, can rest at a time. This event will require good team communication and some strategy. Athletes may repeat tasks as desired. For example, one athlete may do all 4 possible cargo net climbs.

WOD #3 “Tag Team”

12:00 AMRAP
2 partners work while the others rest (tag team style)

  • 8 Partner Deadlifts Beg/Int 275/185# [Rx 365/275#]
  • 16 Syncro Stick Jump Overs 20”*

* Same height for all regardless of M or F or division.
Score = Rounds and Reps completed

Teams will partner up by MM and FF pairs for this WOD. There will be 2 bars set up. One will be the male weight and the other the female weight. Partners will lift barbell together at the same time, i.e. both on bar and lifting together. Weight listed is total combined weight to be lifted between the two athletes. At least one athlete must use a standard D/L stance, i.e. hands and arms outside of legs/knees. The other athlete may use standard D/L stance or a sumo D/L stance to accommodate height differences between athletes. Stick jump overs are simply PVC pipes set on top of a 20” box and sticking out. Athletes will jump over the sticks. Reps for stick jump overs start with both athletes on the ground at the same time. These are syncro, and judges will be looking for both athletes to more or less touch the ground on the same side before initiating next rep. It doesn’t have to be a perfect syncro, but it’ll be obvious if you get out of sync. The important thing is for both athletes to be on the same side of the bar before initiating the next rep even if that process isn’t totally in sync.


Each athlete will have to perform 1 and only 1 mini-WOD. Mini-WODs are done as pairs. Each Mini-WOD will be performed by a Pair exactly once. The 2 Mini-WODs are the equivalent of 1 main WOD. The combined score of both mini-WODs will be treated as 1 main WOD. It’s up to each team how to split athletes for the mini-WODs.

Standards for the Mini-WODs are the same regardless of Division or M/F.

Mini-WOD #1
4:00 AMRAP

  • Cals on Bike (continuous)
  • 12 points of Strict HSPUs, Kipping HSPUs or HR HSPUs

Athletes alternate after the completion of every 12 points of the pushing movement
Score = Cals + points completed

Strict HSPUs = 6 pts / Kipping HSPUs = 4 pts / HR Push-ups = 1 pt
HSPUs standard is hands within 36″ x 24″ box, and going to full lock-out with arms, hips and knees. There’s no line on wall to reach, but we do need to see a visual straight line of the body. And the feet must be touching wall at top position and must be within shoulder width. Arching in the top position is not considered a lock-out. Hand release Push-ups standard is full plank position with locked out arms at top and body on ground with hands off ground at bottom. Body must come off ground all at the same time.
Each round’s points have to come from a single chosen movement. If you choose strict HSPUs, then all your points for the pushing movement for that round has to come from strict HSPUs. If you switch the movement in a given round, then you start over at 0 for that movement in that round. You can choose a different push movement each round. For a partially completed round you will score the points completed.

Mini-WOD #2
Mini-chipper for time:

Partner A: 30m Sled Push 135#
Partner B: 10 Tire Flips*

Both partners: 20 Synchronized Hammer Swings (each)**

Partner A: 10 Tire Flips*
Partner B: 30m Sled Push 135#

* must switch sides each rep. Tires weight approx.. 200 lbs. (If you can do a 100 lb. deadlift you’ll have no problem)

** Hammers will hit tire on bottom position and must be raised in an arc to above the head at the top position.

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What are your Covid-19 restrictions and safeguards?

This event will be run both indoors and outdoors. Given the space available to us and the limited number of teams, we can ensure plenty of social distancing as desired. Please note that it will be difficult for the members within a team to effectively social distance. Masks are NOT required. If you want to wear a mask you do so at your own risk. All equipment will be disinfected between events/heats.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. Must be at least 14 to compete. If you are under 18 make sure that you come with a parent/guardian or have your parent/guardian sign our online waiver. Contact us for an online waiver at 

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

We have plenty of free onsite parking. We are located at a major intersection – Gary Ave. and Geneva Rd. Please only park in designated areas. We want to be good neighbors.

Can people come and watch? Can spectators come for free?

Yes! We encourage friends and family to come and cheer you on. And, yes they can come for free!

What facilities do you have?

We have a 6,250+ sf state-of-the-art training facility with all the amenities. Free parking. A/C and Heat. Clean bathrooms w/ showers. Drinking fountains.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Yes, write us at

Do your events run on time?

We strive hard to ensure a well-run event that goes according to our advertised schedule.

What’s the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this type of event, we can’t offer refunds. We allocate funds to things like prizes, staff, equipment and more based upon the number of registered athletes, and allowing refunds would make it impossible to plan, budget and run an event like this. 

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

We don’t allow refunds, but if you can’t make it then you can have someone else take your place. They do have to remain in the same division as you would have been. They also have to remain on the same team and still maintain an MMFF team.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes, as long as the division and sex remains the same. All participants do have to sign waivers. Minors must have this done by a parent or legal guardian.


Here are some pictures from our previous events

17952744_1650266034988334_6116503214039365423_n 13458603_1040893012669250_1216001927217078639_o 13490740_1040892586002626_6146213970442056149_o FireTeamGroups1 FireTeamJudgesOrganizedFireTeamPartnerWOD1WinnersScaledWomenSycamoreCrossFitComp080616LoRes13428605_1039744946117390_3728073911297195339_n

*Fine print: No refunds for any reason, except for our money back guarantee on finishing on time. We cannot guarantee against anything beyond our control such as extreme weather or outside interruptions. This guarantee of finishing on time is meant to cover our administrative ability to do so, and not any possible outside factors.
All participants will need to sign a waiver. Each prize winner is responsible for claiming prizes and paying corresponding taxes as per applicable tax laws. In defining our divisions, male and female are based on purely biological DNA parameters. Male = XY Chromosomes and Female = XX Chromosomes.