FireTeam 4 Challenge & Fundraiser

March 25th, 2019


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FTX CrossFit
1010 W. Geneva RD, Wheaton, IL 60187

A one day 4 person team competition
Saturday, June 15th, 2019

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Description of Competition & Fundraiser

In the military the smallest unit is the fire team – a 4 person unit. On occasion, such as with a sniper pair or swim pair, special forces units will even deploy in pairs. But in either case, always operating as part of a greater effort. FTX stands for Final Training eXercise, which in the military are field tests to see if a unit is ready for deployment or Mission Ready. In that spirit, FTX CrossFit is holding its 4th Annual FireTeam Competition and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 15th for 4 person FireTeams. Come together as a community for a greater cause to help soldiers and their families that have suffered injuries or other hardship serving our country, and see if your FireTeam is Mission Ready. Part of the proceeds will go the SEAL Legacy Foundation.

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Format of Competition

All FireTeams are MMFF – Each Fire Team will consist of 2 males and 2 females

Each WOD will have different exercises that can be divided, assigned or done in different ways so as to be doable by anyone.

This competition is designed so that everyone should be able to find a partner or team and be able to compete. Everyone has strengths and weakness. In this competition  teams will be able to effectively compete regardless of skill level or experience! Just do it and have fun!

There will be 3 main WODs on the day of the competition. There will also be 4 different floater WODs worth the equivalent of 2 main WODs. The floaters will be short tests that will take 4 minutes or less each. The floaters will be done in pairs. Each FireTeam will select which team members will do which challenges so that each FireTeam member will do exactly 2 of the floaters. That way all 4 floaters will each be completed by each FireTeam.

Judges – All are L1 Certified! We pay judges + lunch + shirt on day of competition. This results in a well-run and professionally managed event!
Volunteers – Lunch + shirt

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Entry Fee

$320 for 4 person FireTeam (must register by 5/29 to get shirts)
Entry fee includes: Competition and a shirt. No refunds for cancellations. Free parking.

Register – HERE. Limited space. Sign-up today.


0730-0800 Volunteer and Judges Check-in
0800-0815 Athlete Check-in
0815-0830 Opening Ceremony
0830-0845 WOD #1 Briefing
0845-0915 WOD #1
0915-0930 WOD #2 Briefing
0930-1000 WOD #2
1000-1030 Floater Briefing
1030-1130 Lunch / Floaters
1130-1145 WOD #3 Briefing
1145-1200 WOD #3
1200-1215 Closing Ceremony


1st Place  FireTeam – $320 + Goodie Bags
2nd Place  FireTeam – $160 + Goodie Bags
3rd Place FireTeam – Goodie bags w/ FitAid, N53, Boxrat and more

Competitor Shirts

FireTeam_4_GEAR3 FireTeam_4_GEAR4

Judges and Volunteer Shirt

FireTeam_4_GEAR FireTeam_4_GEAR2

 WODs & Floaters

FireTeam WOD #1 – “Fortify”

2 Rounds for time (12:00 cap)

  • 2x25m Farmer Carry
  • Run 400m / Row 500m

FireTeams will need to farmer carry 45# blocks 25m two times. Each team will have to move a combined total of 16 blocks each round back and forth across a distance of 25m. Blocks can be carried by individuals 1 or 2 at a time, and can be distributed across FireTeam members as desired. Once all blocks are moved, then 2 members will row and 2 members will run. Which members row and run is up to each team. Team members can remain or alternate on the run/row as desired.

FireTeam WOD #2 – “Leap Frog”
12 min. AMRAP relay

  • Deadlift
  • Box Jump Overs
  • American KBS

Teams will send 2 persons through the triplet at a time. Each team will have 4 “lanes” they can work through. Teams decide which “lanes” they will use for their respective athletes. The two athletes going through the triplet have to choose different “lanes”. The harder lanes require less reps and the easier lanes require more reps. Once an athlete has completed the triplet, then another can go through the triplet. Teams have to rotate through athletes and athletes go on any lane that’s not already “occupied”.

The lanes are:

Lane 1 = Deadlift 225 @ 10 reps / Box Jump Overs = 30″ @ 10 reps / RKBS 70# @ 10 reps
Lane 2 = Deadlift 185 @ 15 reps / Box Jump Overs = 24″ @ 15 reps / RKBS 55# @ 15 reps
Lane 3 = Deadlift 135 @ 20 reps / Box Jump Overs = 24″ @ 20 reps / RKBS 45# @ 20 reps
Lane 4 = Deadlift 95 @ 30 reps / Box Jump Overs = 20″ @ 30 reps / RKBS 35# @ 30 reps

Teams may do step-ups or 1 foot take off for the box jump overs.

Score is total # of relays/rounds completed plus extra reps. Max extra reps per person in a round = 90. The reps completed on any final incomplete round are multiplied by the following depending on lane: 1) x 3   2) x 2   3) x 1.5   4) x 1


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FireTeam WOD #3  – “Pay the Man”

16:00 Team relay AMRAP

FireTeams will cycle through in an FMFM order as many times as possible in 16:00


  • Alt. DB Snatch*
  • DB Lunges w/ any hold**

For score:

  • Bike for Cals

* One head of DB must touch ground each rep.
**Any hold is acceptable where either one hand is in full control of handle or both hands are each holding one head of the DB.

If you drop a DB that will be a NO REP.

The number of reps for the DB Snatch and DB Lunges are as follows and regardless of M or F:

70# DB – 4 reps
45# DB – 8 reps
30# DB – 12 reps
20# DB – 16 reps

The only thing that counts for a score is the cumulative calories on the bike. The rest is just a buy-in for each athlete to get to the bike. At the start, one athlete will perform buy-in and then move on to bike. The second athlete can begin on buy-in once the first athlete is on the bike. Only one athlete may be doing buy-in or bike at a time. As soon as one athlete gets off bike, the next one may get on as long as they’ve completed the buy-in for that turn.


Each athlete will have to perform 2 floaters. Floaters are done in pairs. Each floater will be performed by a FireTeam exactly once. This will result in the 4 Floaters being the equivalent of 2 main WODs.)

Floater #1 – Power

Max number of lbs. ground to overhead in 2 minutes

Partners will setup 1 bar and load it with a weight of their choosing. Object is to alternate as desired and lift as many total pounds possible in 2 minutes. Pairs must alternate if bar is dropped. In other words, for any athlete to do multiple reps in a row they have to hang on to the bar and touch’n’go.

Score = total # of lbs. moved divided by 10 (rounded down). Example: Pair one sets up the bar with 135 lbs. and the two partners manage to do 31 G2O in 2 minutes. 135 x 31 = 4,185 lbs. Pair two sets up the bar with 105 lbs. and the two partners manage to do 43 reps. 105 x 43 = 4,515 lbs.

This WOD’s strategy is to find the most efficient weight for the two partners. Go too heavy and you don’t get enough reps to get a good score. Go too light and you don’t move enough weight to get a good score.

Floater #2 – Bodyweight

Cycle through various bodyweight movements

4:00 AMRAP – In 4 minutes partners will attempt to acquire points by:

  • The following movements are worth 10 points per rep – Rope Climbs / (Ring M/Us – Rx only)
  • The following movements are worth 3 points per rep – Burpees / Indian Sit-ups
  • The following movements are worth 1 points per rep – HR Push-ups / Military sit-ups

Partners will tag team each other and rotate through the movements as desired. Only one partner will be doing work at a time. Strategy here is to keep moving quickly and to do the most efficient movements for points, which may not necessarily be the higher point ones. This will be non-stop action for 4 minutes while avoiding muscle-fatigue and coordinating well with partners. 

Score = # of points completed in the 4 minutes.

Floater #3 – Speed

Run and Jump Relay

4 One Minute Rounds of:

  • 5 Back’n’forth Shuttle Runs 
  • Side-to-side OTB Jumps Rx = 16″ / Intermediate/Beginner = 12″

Partners alternate rounds, i.e. each partner will go twice. In each 1 minute round one partner completes the 5 shuttle runs (5m back and forth = 10m per shuttle run = 50m total for 5 shuttle runs) and then performs side-to-side jumps for the remainder of the round. The jumps are done over a PVC pipe set at the designated height.

Score = total # of side-to-side jumps completed by the pair.

Floater #4 – Stamina

Sled Drag and Tire Flip

4:00 AMRAP

Flip tires and 100′ sled drag. One partner will start flipping a tire while the other will pull a sled 50′ and back for a total of 100′. Partners will alternate after each sled drag.

Tires are the same for all. Sleds are 90# for Rx and 45# for Intermediate/Beginner. Tires are a bit over 100 lb. each, but it only requires about the strength of deadlifting/cleaning/pressing 50# to flip one. So, if you can deadlift, hang clean and shoulder press 45-50#, then you can flip these tires.

Score = total # of tire flips x # of sled drags completed

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