FireTeam2 Challenge & Fundraiser

April 26th, 2016


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FTX CrossFit
1010 W. Geneva RD, Wheaton, IL 60187

A one day team competition
Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Description of Competition & Fundraiser

In the military the smallest unit is the fire team – a 4 person unit. On occasion, such as with a sniper pair or swim pair, special forces units will even deploy as a pair. But in either case, always operating as part of a greater effort. FTX stands for Final Training eXercise, which in the military are field tests to see if a unit is ready for deployment or Mission Ready. In that spirit, FTX CrossFit is holding its 2nd Annual Fire Team Competition and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 3rd for 4 person teams (Fire Teams). Come together as a community for a greater cause to help soldiers and their families that have suffered injuries or other hardship serving our country, and see if you’re Mission Ready with your 4 person team.

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Format of Competition

This competition is a SINGLE DIVISION event. Each Fire Team will consist of 2 males and 2 females. Each WOD will have different tasks at an Rx level and a Scaled level. Each Fire Team will decide who will be assigned Rx and who will be assigned Scaled. This can be different for each WOD. There will be 3 WODs the day of the competition. There will also be 4 different floater WODs. The floaters will be short tests that should take less than 2 minutes. Each Fire Team will assign 2 floaters to each of its athletes so that all floaters will be completed by two athletes. See below for WODs & Floaters that have been posted.

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Entry Fee

Until 5/18 – $330 / team
5/19 and after – $330 / team (but no shirts)

Entry fee includes: Competition and a shirt. No refunds for cancellations.

Register – HERE. Limited space. Sign-up today.


[0700-0730 Volunteer Briefing]
0730-0815 Check-in
0815-0830 Opening Ceremony
0830-0845 WOD #1 Briefing
0845-0945 WOD #1
0945-1030 Floaters
1030-1045 WOD #2 Briefing
1045-1145 WOD #2
1145-1300 Lunch / Floaters
1300-1315 WOD #3 Briefing
1315-1415 WOD #3
1415-1500 Closing Ceremony

After party at Wheaton Bowl! 1500-??


1st Place Team – $600
2nd Place Team – $400
3rd & 4th Place Teams – Goodie bags w/ FitAid, N53, Boxrat and more.

There will also be non-cash prizes for top individual performers for each of the floaters.

*Final Prizes

Competitor Shirts

FireTeam2ShirtMensFrontFireTeam2ShirtMensBack FireTeam2ShirtTankFrontFireTeam2ShirtTankBack FireTeam2ShirtWomensBack FireTeam2ShirtWomensFront

Volunteer Shirt


 WODs & Floaters

WOD #1 – “Insertion Under Fire”

8 Min. AMRAP

22 Hang-clean and S2O (Rx = 95# / Scaled = 65#)
22 Box Jumps (Rx = 24″ / Scaled = 20″)

Rx and Scaled weights/heights are same for men and women. Pairs can be MM, MF or FF. The Rx pair does Rx for both weight and height. The scaled pair does scaled for both weight and height.
Once a pair picks up the weight for the Hang-cleans and S2O, the bar cannot be dropped until all 22 reps of that round are completed. Pairs can pass the weight back and forth, but cannot set the bar down. If the bar touches the floor, then the pair has to do 3 burpees each before picking the bar back up. Each athlete in the pair has to do at least 1 rep of the Hang-clean and S2O. No full lock out of hips & knees has to happen at the top of the clean prior to transitioning to the S2O, but full lock-out does have to happen at the top of the S2O. This cannot be a hang-snatch, bar must come through the clean position.
The Box Jump reps can be divided up between the two athletes as desired. Each athlete has to do at least 1 Box Jump each round. Other than that they can be done any which way and alternate as frequently as desired, but only one athlete may be jumping at a time. Standard CrossFit box jump rules apply, i.e. both feet leave ground simultaneously, full extension at top, but may step-down or jump down.
Score is the combined number of reps completed by both the Rx and Scaled pairs.

Strategy here is to decide how to stack your pairs, especially since there are no men’s or women’s weights/heights per se. Do you go for a balanced approach or do you try to make one pair get a really high number of reps while sacrificing the other?

WOD #2 “Changing Fire Position”
4 Rounds for time (15 min. Time Cap)

  • 15 Single-arm DB Snatches (Team distributes 190 lbs. worth of DBs amongst team members.)
  • Run 200m
  • 15M drag and farmer carry (2 members of the team drag two 100 lbs. mats and 2 members carry the 4 DBs being used)

For the Single-arm DB Snatches each athlete in the team has to complete 15 reps per round. The team needs to distribute 190 lbs. of DBs to its 4 members as desired. The Single-arm DB Snatches may be alternated as desired, in theory you could do all your snatches with just one arm. Teams may reduce total weight by increasing reps. 170 lbs = 20 reps ea. & 150 lbs = 30 reps ea.
Each athlete does the 200m run independently, but it needs to be completed by all team mates before proceeding to the 15m drag and farmer carry. This means that individual team members can start the run “early” if other team members are still finishing DB snatches.
The 15m drag and farmer carry is just moving all the DBs and the mats 15 meters as a team. 2 People will drag mats and 2 people will carry DBs.

The strategy in this WOD is determining who the heavy lifters will be, but also how to effectively time the running between team members to most efficiently complete each round.

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WOD #3  – “Extraction Under Fire”
12 min. AMRAP

  • 150 Calories on Rower and 150 Calories on Bike = 1 pt for completing calories on bike and 1 pt for completing calories on rower.
  • 50 Partner Med. Ball / Slam Ball Thruster Toss (Rx Pair = 30# Ball / Scaled Pair = 14 or 15 lb Ball) = 1 pt. per team member completing this stage.
  • 50 Partner Deadlifts (Rx Pair = 315 lb. Bar / Scaled Pair = 225 lb. Bar) = 1 pt. per team member completing this stage.

Then for remaining time accumulate points as follows: 10 OTB Burpees = 1 pt. / 1 Rope Climb = 1 pt. / 1 Legless Rope Climb = 2 pts. (Rope climbs are scored when a team member touches i-Beam.) Bonus points = +4 points if each team member performed one rope climb (normal or legless) and 1 set of 10 OTB Burpees.

Rower/Bike – There will be one rower and one bike per team. Each team member must row and bike at least 25 calories on each, i.e. make the counter increase by 25. Other than that teams distribute workload as desired on rower and bike. Teams may send one pair onto next movement before the total number of calories on each are completed, but those that move on may not come back to the bike or rower.

Partner Med. Ball / Slam Ball Thruster Toss – Partners (this can be any two team members, i.e. MM, MF or FF.) will stand 8′ apart and facing each other. Partners will select a slam ball or a medicine ball as desired. Also, the first pair of each team to reach this stage will select either Rx or Scaled wt. The other pair, will then have to do the opposite wt. The partner starting with the ball will perform a below parallel squat while holding ball in front with both hands, and then toss the ball to the partner in an arc using a continuous upward thruster motion i.e. may not use chest throw. Partner will catch ball as they are going into a below parallel squat or catch it first and then go into a below parallel squat. They will then toss ball back to partner in an arc using a continuous upward thruster motion. 1 rep = each toss of the ball and the rep is counted when ball is caught. If the ball falls to the ground, it cannot be caught on the bounce. Partners must initiate all squats and complete the corresponding continuous thruster motion behind their respective lines, but may move as necessary to catch the ball when receiving it.

Partner Deadlifts – The deadlifts must be performed with both partners having all hands on the bars. Partners can be any two team members, i.e. MM, MF or FF. First pair to the deadlifts picks Rx or Scaled weight. The other pair must then do opposite weight. Partners on the deadlifts do not have to be the same as those on the Med. Ball / Slam Ball Thruster Toss, and nor does who did Rx or Scaled have to be the same. Otherwise normal CrossFit rules for deadlifts apply.

Once pairs complete the deadlifts, team members then proceed to completing rope climbs or burpees. There will be one burpee and one rope climb station for each team. Teams decide who will perform which of the two movements. Team members can switch team members and movements as often as desired during the remaining time. Pairs can start this stage even if the other pair is still working through the chipper.

Final score will be # of points completed. Tie break is time it took to complete row/bike stage.

The strategy here is deciding whether or not you want to send a pair quickly through chipper to start earning points on burpees and rope climbs at the risk of leaving a pair to do more work on rower/bike and perhaps not contributing to rope climbs/burpees and failing to earn the bonus points.


Each athlete per team will have to perform 2 floaters so that each team will perform each floater 2x (1x at each of the level). Any single team member cannot perform the same floater twice even if it’s at a different level (a & b).

Floater #1 – Max # of tire flips in 2 minutes – a) Heavier tire (approx. 150 lbs) b) Lighter tire (approx. 100 lbs)

Floater #2 – Max # a) C2B pull-ups w/o coming off bar b) chin-over-bar pull-ups w/o coming off bar.

Floater #3 – For time: a) 40 yd. 90# Sled Drag b) 80 yd. 45# Sled Drag

Floater #4 – Surprise