Black Ops 6: Partner Competition

February 24th, 2023

FTX CrossFit
1010 W. Geneva RD, Wheaton IL 60187

Partner competition with 3 Rx and 3 Beg/Int divisions
(MM, MF, FF)
Saturday April 29th, 2023
8am – 2pm
This is a great competition for beginner to advanced athletes consisting of 3 workouts.

6 Divisions* (Space is limited):

  • Rx Partner – MM, MF, and FF
  • Beginner/Intermediate Partner – MM, MF, and FF

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Judges: All are L1 Certified! Judges get $50 for day, all you can eat Taco Truck party (BYOB), goodie bag (1 FitAid, 1 Protein Bar, 2 Water Bottles), and a shirt. This results in a well-run and professionally managed event!

Volunteers: All you can eat Taco Truck party (BYOB), goodie bag (1 FitAid, 1 Protein Bar, 2 Water Bottles), and a shirt.

Entry Fee: $190 per pair (must register by 4/7 to get shirts) Fee covers competition, goodie bag (1 FitAid, 1 Protein Bar, 2 Water Bottles), shirt, and all you can eat Taco Truck party (BYOB)! No refunds for cancellations. Parking is free. We guarantee that we will be done with competition by 2:00 pm or money back (conditions apply – see fine print at end)

Spectators/Coaches: $20 per person. This includes goodie bag (1 FitAid, 1 Protein Bar, 2 Water Bottles) and all you can eat Taco Truck! (Kids 8 and under accompanied by a paying adult are free, but do not receive a goodie bag. Kids 8 and under do get the all you can eat Taco Truck.)

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Black Ops 6 Schedule

0630-0700 Judges/Volunteers Check-in
0700-0745 Registration for Athletes
0745-0800 Welcome
0800-0815 MetCon #1 Brief
0815-0830 Warm-up
0830-0915 MetCon #1
0915-0930 Break
0930-0945 MetCon #2 Brief
0945-1000 Break/Warm-up
1000-1130 MetCon #2
1130-1145 Break
1145-1200 MetCon #3 Brief
1200-1215 Warm-up
1215-1315 MetCon #3
1300-1430 All you can eat Taco Truck Lunch
1330-1345 Closing Ceremony

(These are estimates based on a 6 pairs per division, but 50% is guaranteed)

Rx (In each division) – 1st – $300 / 2nd – $200
Beg/Int (In each division) – 1st – $150 / 2nd Goodie Bag worth $75+

Overall Scoring
Overall score will be points per place (Fewest points wins). In this system, competitors will score as many points as their place in each workout. The overall score will consist of 4 equally weighted scores from WOD 1a, 1b, 2 and 3.

Unisex Shirt / Women’s Tank (Must register by Friday, April 7th to get a shirt)

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MetCon #1: “SEAL PST”

Metcon #1a – BW Movements

Beg/Int [Rx]
2:00 Partner Alternating Push-ups [HSPUs]
6:00 Rest
2:00 Syncro Sit-ups
6:00 Rest
2:00 Max Strict Ring Pull-ups
12:00 Rest

Score for 1a = Total # of reps of push-ups [HSPUs}, syncro-situp reps, and pull-ups. This score counts as a full WOD.

MetCon #1b – Run

Run 1 mile

Score for 1b = Determined by the combined total of each partner’s rank according to the fastest 1-mile run, i.e. if one partner comes in 1st and the other partner comes in 6th, then their combined score is 7. A lower score is better. This score counts as a full WOD.

This is a variation of the SEAL qualification test. Where partners will within 2 minutes alternate as desired doing push-ups or HSPUs depending on level. Then after a 6 minute rest, they will do as many syncro sit-ups in 2 minutes as possible. Then after another 6 minute rest, each partner will attempt a max set of strict ring pull-ups. This will be followed by a 12-minute rest and then a 1 mile run.

Movement Standards:

Push-ups – Push-ups reps will be executed from the top locked-out position to the bottom position where the chest will touch a yoga block, and back up to the locked-out position. Throughout each push-up only hands and toes may touch the ground. The top position requires arms to fully lock-out. The bottom position requires the chest to touch the yoga block. We will not be concerned about how straight the body is as long as the above rules are followed; however, hands and feet may not move in position in a given set of push-ups.

Handstand Push-ups (HSPUs) – HSPUs begin and end at full extension of the arms, hips and knees, with only feet touching the wall. The head must touch the ground before returning to the lockout position. Hands and fingers must stay within the 36” wide x 24” deep rectangle marked on the floor. Feet in the locked out position must be less than shoulder width, other that feet can travel wider throughout the HSPU movement. Glutes/lower back may touch wall during descent and ascent of HSPU, but not in the top lock-out position.

Syncro-Situps – The setup will involve 2 dumbbells per person 45-50 lbs. Each foot will have the toes hooked under a dumbbell. Knees will be bent. Each rep will start and end in the bottom position, which consists of both shoulder blades clearly making contact with the ground. Arms will be crossed with hands on the opposite shoulder throughout the movement. Each rep will pass through the top position, which requires the front of the chest, shoulders and head to pass the vertical plane and the elbows to touch the top of the knees. Partners will “syncro” in the bottom position of each rep.

Max Strict Ring Pull-ups – Partners will decide who goes first. Each partner will have one chance to mount the rings and perform a maximum set of strict pull-ups. Once the athlete comes off the rings, they are done. Each rep shall begin in a full hang with feet off the ground and arms, hips and legs fully extended in a straight vertical position. Each rep shall be counted at the top position once the chin clearly passes the line created by the bottom of the two rings. Kipping or swinging is not allowed. Legs may not flex at the knees throughout the movement. A slight relaxed bend in the knees is permitted. Hips may not thrust or lift knees throughout the movement. Since rings can twist, it does not matter which way the wrists/palms face throughout the movement.

1 mile run – Athletes will run a 1 mile course.

MetCon #1 is worth 2 WODs.

MetCon #2: “I’m up. They see me. I’m down.”

Beg/Int [Rx]
8 Rounds (10:00 Cap), you-go-I-go format
     6 Hang Power Cleans 115/75# [155/105#]
     9 Deadlifts 115/75# [155/105#]
     12 Pogo Bar-facing Over-the-Bar Burpees

Score = Time

One partner will do a full round of Hang Power Cleans, Deadlifts, and Pogo Burpees. Once finished, the other partner may begin their round. If collars are coming loose, the partner at rest may help tighten them, including while the working partner is doing their burpees. Each partner will do 4 rounds, which adds up to 8 rounds total between partners.

Movement Standards

Hang Power Cleans reps must start above the knee. The first rep or any time the bar is dropped or lowered below the knees, the bar must be brought to above the knees via a full deadlift that starts from the ground. The deadlift must reach full extension of the knees and hips, and shoulders behind the bar, before bending to perform the hang power cleans. Reps are counted at the top of the lift. Reps start in the bottom hang position with arms fully extended and the bar staying above the knees. At the top of the clean, the barbell must rest on the shoulders with the elbows in front of the barbell. In the top position, the knees and hips must be fully extended.

Deadlifts begin on the ground for every rep and are counted at the top of the movement. At the top of the movement, knees and hips should be fully extended, and shoulders should be in line with the hips and feet and behind the bar.

Pogo Bar-facing Burpees begin from a standing position. Athletes will lower themselves any which way down to the ground to have the chest, hips and thighs touch the ground. In the bottom position, athletes will face the bar and be perpendicular to the bar with no part of the body touching the bar or being under/over the bar. Athletes will then rise any which way to where they can jump over the barbell. They do not need to fully stand up. Athletes must then jump over the barbell twice. For each jump both feet must be in the air together over the bar. A strict two-foot take off is not necessary. Reps are counted after the second jump when the athlete is back on the same side of the bar from which they started the rep. It’s OK for feet to accidentally touch the bar during a jump as long as the athlete lands with both feet on the same side of the bar. If either jump is a no rep, then both jumps must be repeated.

MetCon #3: “The Switch”

Beg/Int [Rx]
8:00 AMRAP consisting of 2:00 minute rounds
Each round consists of:

    • Buy-in of 40 ft Single DB Lunges 50/35# [OH]
    • Max Row / Bike for Cals

Score = Sum of Calories from the Bike and Rower. 

At the beginning of each 2:00 round, both partners will pick up their respective DBs and lunge 40’ (20′ x 2). Any hold for Beg/Int and overhead for Rx. Partners will then begin to accrue as many calories as possible on each machine. Partners will be switching machines each round.

Movement Standards

Lunges are done by both partners at the same time. Partners need to wait at each 10′ mark for any trailing partner. At the mid-points, if one partner needs to wait for the other, they will do so by standing straight/tall and having at least one foot touching the line. They may then resume lunging once the other partner has cleared the line or also come to a stop standing straight/tall and having at least one foot touching the line. At the turn-around point, they will clearly lunge past the line and then wait before crossing the line again to return. At the final line they’ll clearly lunge past the line, and not put down their DB on the ground until their partner also crosses the line. Athletes will begin with feet clearly behind the starting line. Lunges consist of alternating steps, where each lunge consists of the trailing leg’s knee touching the ground and the athlete returning to a vertical standing position with the hips and knees fully extended. If both partners reach a mid-point at the same time, i.e. both crossing the line mid-lunge with one foot, then no waiting is needed. No shuffling is allowed. Any no rep by either athlete will require both athletes to go back and restart behind the nearest 10’ line behind them. Setting down a DB on the ground or resting it on the thigh/hip before both partners clear the final line will require both athletes to restart the whole 40’.

Beg/Int will hold their respective dumbbells in any hold where either a) One hand is clearly in control of the DB handle b) Hands are solidly holding both heads of the DB, i.e. one hand on each head c) Both hands are used to cup one head of the DB. DB may not rest on either thigh/hip at any point during the 40′ of lunges. Rx will hold their DB OH in the hand of their choice for each full 20’, and may lower weight below head height and switch as desired at the turn-around point. Both athletes have to be OH again before crossing the line to head back. For Rx the arm does not have to be fully locked out OH, but it’s a no rep if the DB touches the head or any part of the DB is lowered below the top of the head before completing each 20′ stretch.

Rower / Bike settings are the responsibility of each athlete, i.e. seat height/position adjustments on bike, damper setting on rower. Athletes shall not touch screens during workout. Athletes must immediately stop rowing/biking at the end of each round. After the final round, the bike/rower will be allowed to coast until cals are clearly not changing any more, and then the respective scores will be recorded. Only whole calories are counted.

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Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. Must be at least 14 to compete. If you are under 18 make sure that you come with a parent/guardian or have your parent/guardian sign our online waiver. Contact us for an online waiver at

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

We have plenty of free onsite parking. We are located at a major intersection – Gary Ave. and Geneva Rd. Please only park in designated areas.

Can people come and watch? Can spectators come for free?

We encourage friends and family to come and cheer you on, but because we are providing all attendees a goodie-bag and the all you can eat Taco Truck party, there is a $20 per person cost. (Kids 8 and under accompanied by a paying adult are free, but do not receive a goodie bag. Kids 8 and under do get the all you can eat Taco Truck.).

What facilities do you have?

We have a 6,250+ sf state-of-the-art training facility with all the amenities. Free parking. A/C and Heat. Clean bathrooms w/ showers. Drinking fountains.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Yes, write us at

Do your events run on time?

We strive hard to ensure a well-run event that goes according to our advertised schedule.
We guarantee that the competition will be done by 2pm or your money back. This does not include the Taco Truck party which will go past 2pm. Our guarantee does not cover for events or acts of God that are beyond our control (weather, power outages, etc.).

What’s the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this type of event, we can’t offer refunds. We allocate funds to things like prizes, staff, equipment and more based upon the number of registered athletes, and allowing refunds would make it impossible to plan, budget and run an event like this.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

We don’t allow refunds, but if you can’t make it then you can have someone else take your place. They do have to remain in the same division as you would have been. They also have to remain on the same team/pair.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes, as long as the division and sex remain the same. All participants do have to sign waivers. Minors must have this done by a parent or legal guardian.

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* Our divisions’ sex designations M(Male) and F(Female) are based on biological DNA.