Week of March 13 – 18

March 12th, 2023

Well done FTX Blue Team for winning our FTX Open Intramural.

Congratulations to our FTX Open award winners.

  • Top Performer: Kaylee J. / Frank A.
  • Most Improved: Christina K. / Allister S.
  • Rookie of the Year: Amanda B. / Joe W.
  • Fire in the Gut: Megan G. / Jim T.
  • Team Spirit: Heather S. / Duane M.

CrossFit Games Tickets (August 1-6)

If you are interested in a Coliseum + Festival ticket, then place your name on our sign-up board at FTX by end of day Wednesday. First come, first serve. As an affiliate, we can participate in the pre-sale this Thursday. We try to get the best tickets in the $225-275 + CC fees range. If you just want Festival tickets, you can purchase those yourself after the pre-sale, as they always have plenty and these don’t involve seat assignments.

Black Ops 6 Partner Competition

Competition with 3 Rx and 3 Beg/Int divisions (MM, MF, FF)
Saturday April 29th, 2023
8am – 2:00pm
This is a great competition for beginner to advanced athletes consisting of 3 workouts.
Full description incl. WODs here.

Overview of our programming this week

This is the final week of our Back to the Basics strength cycle. This cycle has been focusing on the 3 basic power movements (Back Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press), where we’ve been hitting maxes and retesting them. This week we are testing our maximum lifts to see how we’ve progressed over the past 8 weeks. We have the Olympic Lifting EMOM on Tuesday.

Strength work for this week:

Monday – Bench Press
Tuesday – Power Snatch
Wednesday – Deadlift
Thursday – Back Squat
Friday – Ring Muscle-up progression
Saturday – Arms & Shoulders Mini-pump

This week is full of good workouts that will challenge you in various ways. Monday is a spicy, 5-round triplet of rowing, burpees and wall balls that will challenge you on pacing and controlling your heart rate. For Tuesday, we have a challenging workout for you where you can try numerous strategies to partition and attack a chipper of shuttle-runs and T2B so as to maintain a solid pace. Grit and Grind will be the theme for Wednesday’s couplet, where you’ll try and hold a pace and fight hard till the end with KB C&Js and front rack lunges. Thursday is no slouch, you’ll have to move swiftly through the box jump overs and see how your core handles the rest. Friday, we have a classic FGB style “just move” and get a good sweat in with bike, thrusters and pull-ups. Saturday’s workout is fun for athletes looking to move some heavy deadlift and bench press weight; it starts off smooth and will hit you like a sack of bricks on the second set. Enjoy!

FTX Classes – We have the most extensive group class-based schedule of any facility in the area. See our schedule here.

FTX Kids’ Classes – We have classes for 8-13 year-olds Tuesday through Friday at 4:30pm.

Drop-Ins – You can schedule your day pass here. We allow open box/gym any time we are open, but please give priority to classes. Our drop-in fee for the day is now $25.00.