Week of March 6 – 11

March 5th, 2023

More than a workout – Change your life!™

FTX Spring Party
Saturday, March 11 @ 3pm

Spring is coming and the Open is over. This party is for all FTXers and their family. Come one and come all! We’ll announce the results of our FTX Open Intramural at the party.

Pizza, salads, games, and more!
Adults = $15 / Kids (5-12) = $10 / Kids <5 = Free

Black Ops 6 Partner Competition

Competition with 3 Rx and 3 Beg/Int divisions (MM, MF, FF)
Saturday April 29th, 2023
8am – 2:00pm
This is a great competition for beginner to advanced athletes consisting of 3 workouts.
Full description incl. WODs here.

Overview of our programming this week

Another CrossFit Open is in the books. We go into week 7 of 8 of our Back to the Basics strength cycle. This cycle has been focusing on the 3 basic power movements (Back Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press), where we’ve been hitting maxes and retesting them. This week is 5 sets of 2 reps for the power lifts, and we have the Olympic Lifting EMOM on Monday.

Strength work for this week:

Monday –Power Clean & Push Jerk
Tuesday – Deadlifts
Wednesday – Back Squats
Thursday – Bench Press
Friday – Grip Strength
Saturday – Arms & Shoulders Mini-pump

The Open has come to a close; time to get back to work. We start the week with a fun class-wide WOD with pull-ups, v-ups, ball slams, KB SDHP, Battle Ropes and running. Tuesday is a sneaky one. It looks easy on paper, but this will break you down faster than you think with the quick sets of step-ups and push-ups given the short rest. For Wednesday, we bring another pyramid chipper of bike, T2B, OHS and burpees where you will try to replicate your starting pace on the back half. We have a partner workout for Thursday, and with this comes another cardio/heart builder. Quick, aggressive pacing with 1:1 work/rest on rowing and jumping split lunges will leave you gassed. Friday, it’s time for another on-the-minute workout where you will aim to stay consistent with your rest while working on some skills at snatching and double-unders with GHDs and shuttle runs mixed in. Saturday will be a longer skilled workout with heavy shoulder endurance given rope climbs, wall walks and bike.

FTX Classes – We have the most extensive group class-based schedule of any facility in the area. See our schedule here.

FTX Kids’ Classes – We have classes for 8-13 year-olds Tuesday through Friday at 4:30pm.

Drop-Ins – You can schedule your day pass here. We allow open box/gym any time we are open, but please give priority to classes. Our drop-in fee for the day is now $25.00.