Week of January 2 – 7

January 1st, 2023

More than a workout – Change your life!™

Happy New Year!
It’s time for our annual FTX New Year’s Challenge

Grand Prize – RPM Rope
Weekly 1st Prize – 12 FitAids
Daily Prize – FitAit + Atlas Bar

For the next 4 weeks, we will have 5 challenges per week that can each earn you 1 entry into our daily, weekly and grand prize drawing. Entries remain in the entry basket throughout the whole challenge over all 4 weeks. The more challenges you earn and the earlier you do them, the more chances to win. If one of your entries is drawn for a prize, then that entry does not go back into the basket.

New Year’s Challenge: Week 1 (1st-7th)

This week’s challenges. You can do each one 1x this week for 1 entry each.

  1. 100 Burpees, 100 Cal Row, or combo thereof
  2. Attend 3 or more classes
  3. In bed before 10pm, 3 nights
  4. Try a fruit or vegetable you’ve never had before
  5. Get a friend to try CrossFit with you and sign up for a Welcome Session

Overview of our programming this week

This is our final week of this two part strength cycle which focused on the in-between lifts of Olympic lifting. The focus was developing a proper setup during the descent and transition to overhead movements. Last week of working up to heavy sets and hit singles within specific percentage ranges. Train smart, so please scale to Power or take the weight down if you are a beginner or need a break. Remember, days labeled “Work up to a Heavy” mean we want to see you reach a top weight (within limitations while always training smart) in 5-6 working sets. After this cycle we will be taking a two week break and then we’ll do a new Back to Basics Program starting on January 23rd.

Strength/skill-work for this week:

Monday – Goblet Squat and Russian KBS
Tuesday – Overhead Squats
Wednesday – Push-Jerk
Thursday – DB Rows and Hamstring Curls
Friday – Snatch and C&J
Saturday – Shoulder & Glutes Mini-pump

We always kick off the New Year with Fran, and that is what is on the menu for Tuesday. On Wednesday we’ll have an AMRAP for you with DB snatches, GHDs and Box Jump-overs. Thursday you’ll gruel through a pure Bike for cals workout, but at least you’ll do it and suffer with a partner. Friday is a revisit of the 11.1/14.1 CrossFit Open Workout. And we close out this first week of 2023 with a partner rowing workout with wall balls and weighted DB box step-ups mixed in. This week will be a great way to kick off 2023!