Week of December 5 – 10

December 4th, 2022

More than a workout – Change your life!™

2nd Chance on Hoodies and Joggers

Due to popular demand, we are making a 2nd order of the Fall ’22 Hoodies and Joggers. Order sheets are on the front counter at FTX.

12 Days of Christmas

From the 1st to the 12th we are celebrating our annual 12 Days of Christmas. We start and finish with our classic FTX versions of the WODs. During this time, we will be collecting gifts for the Wheaton based Evangelical Child & Family Agency (ECFA) Annual Toy drive. Please consider giving by taking one of the tags off our Christmas tree and bringing in the requested unwrapped gift with the tag attached. We will be taking those over to ECFA on Tuesday 12/13.

FTX Christmas Party

Hawaiian Theme
Saturday, December 17th at 5pm
Adults $20 / Kids (5-12) $12
Dessert Contest, Games and more.

Overview of our programming this week

We are on the second week of the second part of this strength cycle which focuses on the in-between lifts of Olympic lifting. We want to develop a proper setup during the descent and transition to overhead movements during these six weeks. You will work up to heavy sets and hit singles within specific percentage ranges. The overhead lifts and squatting volume will be higher than usual, so please, scale to Power or take the weight down if you are a beginner or need a break. Remember, days labeled “Work up to a Heavy” mean we want to see you reach a top weight (within limitations while always training smart) in 5-6 working sets.

Strength/skill-work for this week:

Monday – None
Tuesday – Front Squat + Push-press + Push-Jerk
Wednesday – Snatch D/L + Power Snatch
Thursday – Pull-ups
Friday – Thruster
Saturday – Mini-pump Shoulder/Glutes (extra time)

Monday, we are taking a lighter approach to start the week. Instead of a hard hitter, we have a nice little multiple-set gymnastics piece with shuttle runs, GDH sit-ups, D/Us, and push-ups. We have a lighter, higher-rep version of “DT” for Tuesday that will light the forearms up. Wednesday is another fun spin on “Jackie,” where athletes will be forced to attack the row and see if they can hold on through the wall balls to get to the burpee pull-ups. For Thursday, we have another multiple-set gymnastic piece of T2Bs and box jump-overs with KBS thrown in. The goal is staying aggressive and having repeatable performances. Then on Friday, we will be doing our annual Naughty or Nice Workout. Saturday is a partner AMRAP that’ll have you doing laps around FTX with farmer carries and lunges while also throwing in a bit of rowing. Enjoy!

FTX Classes – We have the most extensive group class-based schedule of any facility in the area. See our schedule here.

FTX Kids’ Classes – We have classes for 8-13 year-olds Tuesday through Friday at 4:30pm.