Week of October 24 – 29

October 23rd, 2022

More than a workout – Change your life!™

Save the Date
FTX Christmas Party – Saturday, December 17th at 5pm

Overview of our programming this week

We are starting a new strength cycle this week, which will be broken down into two parts. In the opening cycle, we will perform two Power Lifts (Back Squat & Shoulder Press) mixed with Olympic Lifting. The focus is on building the posterior chain while training to embrace the monotonous journey of strength training. Meaning we are going to grind through some big sets. You will notice more core work and accessory pieces for developing midline stability and overall leg strength. At the conclusion, we will take a 1-week break to reset and prep for Part 2.

Strength/skill-work for this week:

Monday – Hang Snatch and Snatch Grip Deadlift
Tuesday – Bench Press
Wednesday – Back Squat
Thursday – Shoulder Press
Friday – Front Racked Barbell Box Step-Ups
Saturday – Mini-pump Arms/Core (extra time)

For Monday, we kick things off with a classic 5-round couplet of OHS and Burpees where you should save the push until the end. Tuesday is our final Anniversary WOD – “Kelly”. We approach hump day, and it’s no slouch of a workout. This workout of deadlifts and wall-walks is designed to be quick yet effective, where we want a repeatable performance. Partner Thursday and we have a fast 5-rounder with a Row & GHD buy-in that goes into some max rope climbs. Friday is a big chipper of Wall-Balls, Jump-rope and Pull-ups/MUs, where athletes can partition the reps any way they choose. It makes for a fun day after it’s over, where we’ll all be able to talk about what we did and how we would change it. We finish the week on Saturday with a leg burner that has a ski or row buy-in followed by lunges.

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