Week of October 17 – 22

October 16th, 2022

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Overview of our programming this week

We are in between strength cycles. The next strength cycle starts next week This next cycle will be broken down into two parts. In the opening cycle, we will perform two Power Lifts (Back Squat & Shoulder Press) mixed with Olympic Lifting. The focus is on building the posterior chain while training to embrace the monotonous journey of strength training. Meaning we are going to grind through some big sets. You will notice more core work and accessory pieces for developing midline stability and overall leg strength. At the conclusion, we will take a 1-week break to reset and prep for Part 2. This week all the strength/accessory work will be done after the workouts.

Strength/skill-work for this week:

Monday – GHD/V-ups and Bicep Curls
Tuesday – None
Wednesday – Frankenstein Squat
Thursday – Seated Arnold Press and DB Good Mornings
Friday – Muscle-up Progression
Saturday – Mini-pump Upper body posterior (extra time)

October is our anniversary month. Monday starts off the week with a burner on the dumbbells. For Tuesday, we take a version of a 2015 regional workout (event 6), and we make it a fun, high-skilled interval. On Wednesday we are doing our full body FTX Anniversary Chipper, which was the 4th WOD we posted on our website on 12/8/2011. On Thursday we will do the first Hero WOD we ever posted on our website – “Josh”. Friday, we have a solid chipper that starts with a run, goes big on the thrusters and ends with a sell out on burpee box jump overs. Saturday is a muscle pumping powerlifting session of bench press and deadlifts for time.

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