Week of October 3 – 8

October 2nd, 2022

More than a workout – Change your life!™

FTX Anniversary Party
Save the Date for Saturday, October 15th at 5pm

Food catered by Savory Crust
Adults = $20 / Kids (5-12) = $12 / Kids under 5 = Free
Trivia Game for the adults. Face painting, coloring contest and more for the kids.

RSVP via the sign-up sheets at FTX

Overview of our programming this week

This is the last week of this 8-week cycle, which was designed to help gain strength and consistency in the Olympic lifts. We seen a lot of gains throughout this cycle, and it has been exciting to see all the PRs. We will take a 2 week break to reset for a new strength cycle which will start on Monday, October 24th.

Strength/skill-work for this week:

Monday – Squat Snatch
Tuesday – Hamstring Curls & Weighted Hip Thrust
Wednesday –Turkish Get-up
Thursday – None
Friday – Clean & Push Jerk
Saturday – Bench Press

October is here, and we got some fun workouts in store. Monday, we kick it off with a heart pounder where up and down will be the continuous motion between the jump rope and wall balls. Grit and grind on Tuesday, where we will ramp up the devil’s press volume. Wednesday is the annual memorial tribute to Juliana’s birthday who would have been 23 years old. On Thursday, it’s going to be a fun partner sprint interval. Friday is going to be a leg-heavy triplet where those who are willing to mentally dig in will have the best results. And on Saturday we end the week doing the first WOD that celebrates our 11th Anniversary. We will be doing the first WOD we ever posted on our website back on 12/5/2011, which consists of a triplet of deadlifts, wall balls and push-ups.

FTX Classes – We have the most extensive group class-based schedule of any facility in the area. See our schedule here.

FTX Kids’ Classes – We have classes for 8-13 year-olds Tuesday through Friday at 4:30pm.

#FTXHomeWODs – We have plenty of gear for those of you that want to do some of these workouts at home, whether that is because of childcare situations, health reasons, schedule conflicts, or whatever. We can loan out all sorts of equipment, including rowers and barbells. We can also do personal training sessions with you at FTX or your home. If this is your situation, then please reach out to us so we can get you all setup! Checkout the section for Home/Travel WODs in Wodify. Use this for days you can’t get to FTX. These WODs will require minimal to no equipment.