Week of September 19 – 24

September 18th, 2022

More than a workout – Change your life!™

No Kids’ class this Friday, 9/23 @ 4:30pm

Overview of our programming this week

We’re into the 6th week of this cycle of 8 weeks, which is designed to help gain strength and consistency in the Olympic lifts. The focus continues to be on the Snatch (squat), Clean (squat), and Push Jerk. We have been doing the Olympic lifting 2-days a week with two lifts performed daily. After finishing the first lifting movement, we transition right into the next with little to no time wasted. This is designed to get good quality, high-skill lifts at moderate to heavy weights and cash out with some singular movement strength building to enhance our Oly lifts. Along with 2 days of Oly strength training, we have been doing 1 day of gymnastic skill work with our primary focus on the rings (Kipping, Muscle-up transition, and Ring Dips). On days with the strength, we have focused on keeping the workouts shorter (under 15 minutes) to allow for more coaching time. We have also included some additional strength movements here and there as appropriate.

Strength/skill-work for this week:

Monday – Squat Snatch
Tuesday – None
Wednesday –Clean & Jerk
Thursday – None
Friday – Ring muscle-up progression
Saturday – Arms & Core mini-pump (Extra on your own time)

We are cruising through September, and this week we have some ringers. Monday, we kick things off with what looks to be a version of “Randy” (75 Power Snatches for time). You will be challenged with your pacing and grip endurance through this pull-intensive workout. Tuesday is a nasty 3-part AMRAP triplet with increasing time frames. For Wednesday, we have the ultimate leg pump for you. Let’s see who is willing to push through healthy pain and get the best time.(Know the difference between “good” and “bad” pain. “Good” pain tests mind and body. “Bad” pain causes damage and needs to be avoided. Talk to our coaches if you have any doubts.) Thursday’s workout is a fun, 5-set partner workout where athletes will have some new movements to try out. For TGIF, you need to be ready to push hard and fight to hold a pace until the end. And finally on Saturday, another triple whammy of rowing combined each once with HSPUs, once with Front Squats, and then once with Push Presses.

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