Week of August 22 – 27

August 21st, 2022

More than a workout – Change your life!™

Overview of our programming this week

We started this cycle last week and it is designed to help gain strength and consistency in the Olympic lifts. We will work on Snatch (squat), Clean (squat), and Push Jerk. Through the span of 8-weeks, we will be performing sets at a set time to allow for adequate and consistent rest. Strength will be held to just 2-days a week with two lifts performed daily. After finishing the first lifting movement, we will transition right into the next with little to no time wasted. This is designed to get good quality, high-skill lifts at moderate to heavy weights and cash out with some singular movement strength building to enhance our oly lifts. Along with 2 days of strength training, we are adding 1 day of gymnastic skill work with our primary focus on the rings (Kipping, Muscle-up transition, and Ring Dips). On days with the strength, we will focus on keeping the workouts shorter (under 15 minutes) to allow for more coaching time. Strength/skillwork for this week:

Monday – Snatch + OHS Combo and Panda Pulls
Tuesday – None
Wednesday – Power Cleans + Push-Jerk Combo and Front Squats
Thursday – Ring Dips
Friday – None
Saturday – Multiple exercises for developing the back muscles

Monday, we start with some “odd object” squats paired with high rep double-unders; this will be a leg burner. Tuesday is someone’s B-Day WOD that likes the number “23”. On Wednesday, it will be just a “move” type day where the feel will trend towards an open-style workout with pull-ups, GHDs and Box Jump Overs. Thursday is another B-Day WOD – the “Olander”. Then on Friday, we’ll do a gut-wrenching hero workout, Holleyman, where we will be forced to put our heads down and move. Saturday consists of a double 10:00 AMRAP of shuttle runs, strict press, T2B, and DB Step-ups.

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