Week of June 13 – 18

June 12th, 2022

More than a workout – Change your life!™

FitAid Sale

Did you know we sell FitAids, Greater Than and Atlas Bars by the case? This week buy/order FitAid cases for $50 (Regularly $55). A case is 24 cans. For many flavors we can do 12 + 12 of two different flavors. Furthermore, for every case purchased this week (ending 12pm Sat, 6/18) you will be entered into a raffle for one of our current FitAid fridges (we’re replacing one of them with a new one.) But these are great in your basement or garage for when that FitAid urge hits ya.

FTX Summer – Kids’ and HS Camps and Classes

Register with any of our coaches, email trainer@ftxcrossfit.com or call 630.981.4964. Space in our camps is limited.

Kids’ Classes 8-13 years old

Throughout the summer we will have our regular kids’ classes for 8-13 year-olds from 4:30pm – 5:30pm Tuesday through Fridays. However, we will have no kids’ classes during the 4th of July week from 7/4 – 7/8/.

Rates are per pack of sessions/classes:

Pack of 5 = $60.
Pack of 10 = $100.
Pack of 20 = $160.

Each pack has an expiration date of 90 days from date of purchase (NO EXCEPTIONS). Adult membership discounts cannot be applied to Kid’s sessions.

HS Camp – 4 Week Sessions (Tue & Thu) 90-minute classes

$200 per session (No credit or refunds for missed classes)
Space is limited to 8 students per session

Session 2 – July 12th – August 4th Tue and Thu from 2:00 pm – 3:30pm

High schoolers will be introduced to all the essential CrossFit lifts: Squatting movements, presses, pulling lifts, body-weight gymnastics, and the Olympic lifts. Speed and agility drills will be included each day as well. These camps are great for athletes to develop their off-season sports and conditioning.

Kids’ Camp 4-7 year-olds – 4 Week Sessions (Wed & Fri) 50-minute classes

$100 per session (No credit or refunds for missed classes)
Space is limited to 10 kids per session

Session 2 – July 13th – August 5th – Wed and Fri from 2:30 pm – 3:20pm

These sessions will be heavily focused on fun and games while appropriately introducing this younger group to basic exercises. Classes are 50 minutes long and we ask parents to pick up children on time.

FireTeam 7
Saturday, August 13th

In the military the smallest unit is the fire team – a 4 person unit. On occasion, such as with a sniper pair or swim pair, special forces units will even deploy in pairs. But in either case, always operating as part of a greater effort. FTX stands for Final Training eXercise, which in the military are field tests to see if a unit is ready for deployment or Mission Ready. In that spirit, FTX CrossFit is holding its 7th Annual FireTeam Competition and Fundraiser on Saturday, August 13th for 4 person FireTeams (MMFF). Come together as a community for a greater cause to help soldiers and their families that have suffered injuries or other hardship serving our country and see if your FireTeam is Mission Ready. Part of the proceeds will go to the SEAL Legacy Foundation. More details and registration information to come. For now, mark your calendars!

Overview of our programming this week

We finished our second of three cycles of banded work plus heavier lifts in the latter part of the week. This week we are doing a variety of other lifts.

Monday – None
Tuesday – Clean Complex
Wednesday – Split Jerk
Thursday – Weighted Pull-ups and Bicep Curls
Friday – Half Kneeling Filly Press (see video here.)

Monday is a long cardio-centric class-wide team WOD. Tuesday is a medium-short length nasty AMRAP of Devil’s Presses and DB Thrusters. Wednesday is a medium length WOD for time consisting of V-ups(GHDs), Pull-ups and HSPUs. Thursday is an Alternating Tabata workout with Burpee Box-Facing Step-Ups and Bench Press. Friday is a for time WOD of Wall-Walks and Goblet Lunges. Saturday is the Hero WOD “Ralph”.

FTX Classes – We have the most extensive group class based schedule of any facility in the area. See our schedule here – https://ftxcrossfit.com/schedule/.