Week of July 5 – 10

July 4th, 2021

More than a workout – Change your life!™

Happy 4th of July
Have a great Independence Day Celebration
*** Holiday observed on the 5th. We will only have 9am and 10am classes this Monday. ***

Overview of our programming this week

We are starting a new 5-3-1 strength cycle this week. The 5-3-1 strength program is one we have effectively used on numerous occasions in the past. The workouts this week tend to be in the 15-25 minute range, but vary widely in format – for time, AMRAP, EMOM and Chipper. The weights used for the WODs are medium-heavier. Always scale accordingly to ensure good form and range of motion.

FTX Classes – We continue with our full schedule of adult and kids’ classes. See our schedule here – https://ftxcrossfit.com/schedule/.

FTX Kids’ Classes – We have classes for 8-13 year-olds Tuesday through Friday at 4:30pm.