Week of January 18 – 23

January 17th, 2021

More than a workout – Change your life!™

Regular full schedule this week.

Our current strength cycle will take us up to the first week of the Open, focusing on Olympic lifting and gymnastics. We will do Olympic related lifts at least twice a week and regularly practice gymnastics skills.

In addition, most of our WODs during this period will have strength/skill-work after the MetCon. This will have us strength-training under fatigue as it happens within a MetCon, and especially during competitions. This is a reverse of how we usually do it, but this is consistent with the principle of constantly varying things and thereby getting better results by mixing things up. And this should help us better prepare for the Open workouts themselves.

FTX January Bingo Challenge
Until Sat, 1/30

We are doing a fun challenge for January. Grab or print out (PDF is attached) one of our Bingo sheets and see how many Bingos you can complete this month. Complete Bingos and get the following rewards:

  • 1st Bingo – A free FitAid
  • 2nd Bingo – A free Atlas Bar
  • 3rd Bingo – An entry to our raffle for an RPM Jump Rope
  • 4th Bingo – An entry to our raffle for a new pair of Nano Xs
  • Blackout – A special unique FTX shirt designed just for this challenge.

So, grab or print out a sheet and see how many you can complete this month!

Gymnastics Clinic
Sat, 1/23 & Sat, 2/20

It is time to sign up for FTX’s two-part Gymnastics Clinic led by coach Patrick, which has its first meeting on Saturday, January 23. Participants will learn simple exercises for developing the strength required for gymnastics movements, then leave with four weeks of progressive homework plans to be accomplished alone or with friends. The group will meet again on February 20th to learn the techniques required for various gymnastics movements and leave again with progressive homework to sharpen in those gymnastic skills before the CrossFit Open.

Skills are broken into two courses: Basics and Advanced:

  • The Basics course is for all levels, whether you are working on your first pull-up or preparing for this year’s Murph. Basics covers pull-ups, toes-to-bar, and handstand push-ups. (Meeting time 1:00pm)
  • The Advanced course is for those looking to succeed in movements required to Rx the CrossFit Open workouts. Advanced covers bar muscle-ups, ring muscle-ups, and handstand walks. (Meeting time 2:00pm)

Cost is $75 per person and participation is capped to ensure personal attention. Non-FTX members are welcome but will need access to their own equipment to accomplish the homework.

FTX Kids’ Classes

Our FTX Kids’ schedule is:

  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm – Tuesday and Thursday
  • 4:30pm – 5:30pm – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

If a given class is full, please do still sign-up and get on the waitlist. First, people do cancel and that way you’ll often still get in. Second, this allows us to see demand and lets us best judge the need for more classes. We want to offer enough classes to ensure all the kids can attend as often as desired.

New Zoom Classes

We have added a whole new capability to FTX! You can now participate in any of our classes via Zoom. With the system we’ve installed it’s almost like you are at FTX.

  • You can see the class as if you had a spot there in-person.
  • We can observe you and coach you. Yes, we’ll make sure you squat low enough!
  • You’ll be able to hear us as if you were there, including our great music selections 😊
  • With this system you’ll be able talk to the coaches and other members.

This is a whole new experience! To participate, please send us an email and we will add a Zoom appointment capability to your Wodify account. It is free and included in your membership. A secure experience is a priority for both those joining via Zoom and those doing the class in-person. We will use unique Zoom IDs and passwords that will be displayed in Wodify in the schedule for the corresponding class time.

CrossFit Open
Coming Thursday, March 11th

This is a three-week worldwide event for all, where we all do one workout per week in this Open competition. It is great for:

  • Setting goals
  • Pushing yourself a little harder and further
  • Ensuring great movement standards
  • Camaraderie
  • Being part of something worldwide
  • Fun competition
  • Accountability

As with last year, we will again have 3 teams at FTX: Red, Silver and Black! More details on our local FTX component to come. Register for the Open here and be part of the fun!

Here is a great promo video for this year’s CrossFit Open.