Week of December 28 – January 2

December 27th, 2020

Happy New Year!

More than a workout – Change your life!™


•           Thursday, 12/31/20 – No 6:30pm or 7:30pm classes.
•           Friday, 1/1/21 – Closed

FTX Kids’ Classes

Due to increased demand for our FTX Kids’ program, we expanded our classes for the remainder of December. This week we have classes Tuesday through Thursday at 4:30pm, and Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30pm. Please give us feedback as to how these classes have worked for you, and if they are a good time slot to continue into the New Year.

New Zoom Classes

We have added a whole new capability to FTX! You will soon be able to attend Zoom classes at designated times. With the system we’ve installed it’s almost like you are at FTX.

  • You can see the class as if you had a spot there in-person.
  • We can observe you and coach you. Yes, we’ll make sure you squat low enough!
  • You’ll be able to hear us as if you were there, including our great music selections 😊
  • With this system you’ll be able talk to the coaches and other members.

This will be whole new experience! We are working on a good system for all of you to be able to register for and join as many classes as possible. Please be patient just a little bit longer. Our goal is to provide as much flexibility as possible. It will also be important for this to be a secure experience for both those joining via Zoom and those doing the class in-person. We will use unique Zoom IDs that change and are password protected. In order to participate via Zoom you will have to have your video on, and we’ll need to be able mutually see each other. This is a virtual experience that will require full participation.