Week of August 31 through September 5

August 30th, 2020

More than a workout – Change your life!™

We are operating on a normal schedule with most classes limited to 12 persons. This limitation is due to the number of racks we have, so that we can avoid having people share a rack. We removed this limitation from the 6:30am and 5:30pm classes. Those classes are capped at 20 persons.

We have been updating and adding equipment over the last few weeks ensuring that FTX’s equipment and facility is up to date. We hope you enjoy the new SkiErgs, rowers, plates, rings, bars and medicine balls!

Even though we are open and running a full class schedule at FTX, we are still supporting at home workouts. Members can check out equipment and do our #FTXHomeWOD workouts. Here are the ones we have for this week!

Tuesday, September 1 – A.C. Slater- https://youtu.be/JwDt2N2SCWY
Wednesday, September 2 –
Zach Morris – https://youtu.be/RIIB050foiY
Thursday, September 3 –
Kelly Kapowski – https://youtu.be/8it12va-4oI
Friday, September 4 –
Screech – https://youtu.be/ogiIvYnmL_g

We are also supporting our members that are in a high-risk category and wanting to come into workout at FTX. If you would like to request a partitioned space to exercise, please send an email to trainer@ftxcrossfit.com by 8 pm the day before you plan on coming. We’ll setup a space so that you will have at least 12’ of social distancing. Also, it is important that you reserve the class time in Wodify as well. In the email request, please include the following information:

  • Class time you will attend
  • What level you will be doing of the WOD so we can set out the right equipment. You can also make requests for any other equipment if you will be doing something different.
  • Any questions you have regarding the workout, including modifications

The trainer will set up a coned off space with all requested equipment by an open doorway. Please understand that if the previous class is full, your space may not be ready before your reservation and may take just a few minutes to setup. We will do our best to get it prepped beforehand.

We are here to serve all our members and to provide the best experience possible for all!