Week of June 22 through 27

June 21st, 2020

We are open and running our full schedule. See it here.
Our training is based on three primary principles:

  • Functional movements
  • Constantly varied
  • High intensity

This week we start on Monday with a very functional couplet involving wall ball shots. The functionality of squatting down, picking up an object and being able to throw it, translates to some many necessary movements in life. On Tuesday we vary this despite it being another couplet by adding the element of jumping while still moving an object from the ground to overhead, but without throwing it. Wednesday is a full body chipper that will tax the oxidative system (cardio). Thursday also hits the full body, but this time through a Tabata interval it targets your glycolitic energy system. Friday goes back to a more cardio like full-body workout. On Saturday we offer two options on our menu: Our obstacle course or a body-weight/light weights FGB style workout. We hope you enjoy this week of programming.

One other critical component to what we do is community. Community supports, encourages and challenges us in our workouts. Our community is also fun and caring. So thankful for everyone at FTX!