Week of April 6 through 11

April 5th, 2020

FTX continues to be closed at this time due to Executive order 2020-10 by Governor Pritzker.

We struggle, we fight, we overcome!

We go into our 3rd Week of #FTXHomeWOD programming. We have some great workouts planned for you all and much more. Since the stay at home order was issued, we have worked hard to get all our members equipment for the at home workouts. As best as possible, everyone got the following:

  • A Dumbbell and/or a Kettlebell
  • One or more plates
  • A Slam Ball and/or a Medicine Ball
  • A jump rope
  • Rowers for those that cannot run

If any member has not gotten any equipment, then please contact us and we will do what we can. We will continue to try to get more equipment and make it available to our members.

Our #FTXHomeWOD workouts can be seen on Wodify and on the weekly member email. If anyone is not receiving the emails or doesn’t know how to access Wodify, please contact us. This next week consists of 5 WODs that can be done in any order. Each week we program accessory work on top of our regular WODs. This also can be accessed via Wodify. If you are going to do the accessory work this week, then we do suggest that you follow the WODs in order. In addition to the 5 WODs this week, we also programmed one day of extended running or rowing. We don’t usually program something like this because you all don’t come to FTX to just go back out and just run. You can do that at home on your own. But since everyone is stuck at home, this is a great time to program something like this. Running endurance is about as functional as it gets. That is most certainly part of what we want to develop in ourselves. We hope you enjoy the challenges we’ve set up for you for this upcoming week.

In addition to our regular programming, we also have the following:

Park WODs – We will continue to meet at 12:15pm and 4:30pm. Please check our private FTX Athlete Community page on FB for the days we will do this. Also, look on the Wodify class schedule. Classes that will be at the park will be listed as such. This is weather dependent. It is very important to note that the Governor’s Stay at Home order specifically lists outdoor exercise as a permitted essential activity. Parks are open. Citizens are encouraged to exercise outdoors. But of course we have to abide by the social distancing guidelines and park rules. It is critical for any members that come to our Park WODs to abide by these guidelines and rules before, during and after the Park WODs. We want to be a good example to our community and do our part in this whole pandemic.

Yoga Class – We will have a Yoga class for our members via Zoom. Our first one is this Tuesday at 6pm. See Wodify and our weekly email for more information. If we get good attendance, then we will add more!

CrossFit Support Your Local Box Fundraiser – This is an online competition put on by CrossFit. It is free though you can pay $20 and designate that payment to an affiliate 🙂 Register and get more information here.