Week of March 30 – April 4

March 29th, 2020

FTX continues to be closed at this time due to Executive order 2020-10 by Governor Pritzker.

We struggle, we fight, we overcome!

There’s very little that we can truly control. Our attitude and responses are two things we can control. In everything there is an opportunity. Let us tackle this next week head-on and crush it. Now more than ever it should be quite evident how important it is to take care of our health. Highly recommend the following video and really thinking about the quote “CrossFit fixes this. Medicine babysits this.”

We are not just a workout – We are a solution!

Last week we gave you six different WODs to mix and match as desired. This week is a bit different. Monday and Tuesday are grouped together – WODs 2A&2B. Wednesday stands on its own. And Thursday through Saturday are again grouped together – WODs 2C-2E.

Just like last week, we’ve created videos for each of these WODs. There’s a video giving an overview of the whole week, a video going over the general warm-up we’ll use for the week, and then one video for each WOD.

Video of overview – https://youtu.be/4Mq-geo-1lA

Video of warm-up – https://youtu.be/M56QmPHqsBQ

You all did an awesome job last week posting to your Instagram accounts pictures and/or videos related to these workouts. Keep it up! This week we will be giving away another case of FitAid and bag of Natural Recovery Greens as prizes. We will also give away a free month to FTX to one of our past members that posts a pic or video related to this week’s WODs (6+ months since being a member). We’ll announce our next round of winners next weekend. The more you post, the more chances you have to win. Use #FTXAthlete #FTXHomeWOD @FTXCrossFit in order to qualify. If you still aren’t a part our private FB Group “FTX Athlete Community”, then search for it and do an invite request. We are going to post additional challenges, activities, FB live video, and more on that on that page throughout this shut-in period.

On top of these WODs, our unlimited members can take a look at our accessory programming for this week which will again provide you with additional core work.

Finally, we will be hosting live classes via Zoom this week on Monday and Tuesday at 7:30am, 11:00 am and 5:30pm.
Use Personal Meeting ID – 275-189-2104 / You’ll need a password to get into the meeting. You can find that in the email we sent to all members.
These Zoom sessions are specifically for us to help you with the Bear Complex in WOD 2A. Be warmed up prior to joining the Zoom class. We’ll help you get things fine-tuned prior to doing the WOD. See you at these times!

Video for WOD 2A – https://youtu.be/u5ClhlksVtQ
Video for WOD 2B – https://youtu.be/Re_8CdvZdq0
Video for Wednesday, April 1 – https://youtu.be/g9hdexznUY8
Video for WOD 2C – https://youtu.be/FdzKMbXD5Bw
Video for WOD 2D – https://youtu.be/0V53-H0g8ns
Video for WOD 2E – https://youtu.be/jnAPkilf27g

2A: Metcon (Time)

*** WOD 2A ***
EMOM for 10:00
3 Bear Complexes w/ plate 15/10# [45/25#]
6 Alt. Plate Push-ups

Record time taken each round and then total.Metcon (Time)

*** 2A No Equipment Option ***
EMOM for 10:00
6 Burpees to a 6″ target
6 Push-ups

6″ target = Stand tall with feet at hip width, reach up with one hand with fingers extended, target should be 6″ above that.

Record time taken each round, then total.

2B: Metcon (Time)

*** WOD 2B ***
3 Rounds for time of:
10 Single DB Thrusters (Left Arm) 45/30# [55/35#]
20 Stick Jumps 20/16″ [24/20″]
10 Single DB Thrusters (Right Arm) 45/30# [55/35#]
20 Side-to-side Shuttle Runs 12′ *

* Back and forth (12′ + 12′) = 1 rep. Note these are side-to-side versus forward facing.

KB in lieu of DB is Rx or Rx+ also. If you don’t have any equipment or are scaling, then use any odd object that works for thrusters. Examples: Milk jug, back pack, bag of potatoes, etc. If weight is Rx or Rx+, then you are Rx or Rx+ regardless of what object is.

Stick jumps or stick jump substitute is Rx. See video.

Strength / Skillwork for Monday/Tuesday

If you have the capability, then do some back squats after WOD 2A and pull-ups / wtd. pull-ups after WOD 2B.

  • Back Squat (5-5-5-5-5)
  • Pull-ups (5-5-5-Max)
  • Weighted Pull-ups (5-5-5-5-5)

WOD for Wednesday, April 1

Choose one of the two options:

Dolores (Time)
150 Burpees For Time

Metcon (Time)
10 Rounds for time:

  • 6 [10] Push-ups
  • 6 [10] Burpees
  • 6 [10] 8-Count Body Builders
  • 6 [10] Star JumpsOnly difference between Rx and Rx+ is number of reps each round, i.e. 6 vs. 10.

2C: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

*** WOD 2C ***
EMOM 10:00
For each minute:
:30s of Wall-sit [w/30/20#*]
For remainder of each minute do
Goblet Squats 30/20#* [Pistols]

* Use anything that weighs 30/20#. Bear hug it. Don’t let it rest on legs or knees during wall-sit.
There is no rest period in this WOD. You are constantly going from wall-sit to squats and back to wall-sit. If you fail to hold the wall-sit for the 30s, then you aren’t allowed to do any squats for the remainder of that minute. You’ll rest instead and try again next minute.
Score is Goblet Squats completed for Rx and Pistols for Rx+.

2D: Metcon (Time)

*** WOD 2D ***
5 Rounds for time:
400m Run or 500m Row or 1200m Bike
1:00 of Push-ups [Clapping]

Score = Time – 1s/Push-up completed

2E: Metcon (Time)

*** WOD 2E ***
For time:
Single-Arm Hang Snatch (any style)
2x Double-unders* [Rx+ must do D/Us]

2x means that for D/Us the rep sequence is  double or 100-80-60-40-20.
* Rx may do Singles at 4:1 ratio, which would make rep sequence 400-320-240-160-80.
Rx Wt = 40-45# / 25-30#
Rx+ Wt = 50+# / 35+#
Use anything that works given these wt. Obviously KB or DB is ideal, but backpacks with a handle can work well.
Alternate on Snatches as desired.

Strength / Skillwork for Thursday-Saturday

Do DB Press and Hammer Curls on same day as 2C.
Do Deadlift on any other day, if you have equipment/ability to do so.
Get the 5k run or row in if and whenever you can.
Single Arm Dumbell Press
(10/10 – 10/10 – 10/10 – 10/10)
Use whatever DBs or KBs you have.
Record  best set  of 10/10, i.e. successful  with both arms.  You are recording the single-arm wt.
Strict Dumbbell Hammer Curls
(8/8 – 8/8 – 8/8)
5k Run (Time)
Max Effort 5k Run
5k Row (Time)
Max Effort 5k Row