Week of March 23-28

March 22nd, 2020

FTX is closed at this time due to Executive order 2020-10 by Governor Pritzker.

However!… We march on… Here’s what we are doing for this week.

Welcome to a new world reality. At this point it is our prayer you all are safe at home with loved ones. We all need to appreciate what we do have and not take anything for granted. How quickly things can change!

Part of what we do is prepare ourselves for whatever life may throw at us. And this week we charge ahead! We have planned out some great workouts that all of you can do at home. Below you will find descriptions and links.

This week consists of 6 workouts labeled A, B, C, D, E & F. They can be done in any order. All six will be posted in Wodify each day, and you’ll be able to log your scores there. We do suggest you monitor the weather as WODs C & F involve running outside, so do those on the nicer days.

We’ve created videos for each of these WODs. There’s a video giving an overview of the whole week, a video going over the general warm-up we’ll use for the week, and then one video for each WOD.

Video of overview – https://youtu.be/YmAUpiCcDG0

Video of warm-up – https://youtu.be/YLdsa9COl40

We encourage you all to post to your Instagram accounts pictures and/or videos related to these workouts. This week we will be giving away a pair of Nanos, case of FitAid and a bag of Natural Recovery Greens as prizes. We’ll announce winners next weekend. The more you post, the more chances you have to win. Use #FTXAthlete #FTXHomeWOD @FTXCrossFit in order to qualify. We’ll have a new round of prizes each week. Also make sure you are in our private FB Group “FTX Athlete Community”. If you are not in it, then search for it and do an invite request. We are going to post additional challenges, activities, FB live video, and more on that on that page throughout this shut-in period.

On top of these WODs, our unlimited members can take a look at our accessory programming for this week which will provide you with additional core work.

Finally, we will be hosting some live classes via Zoom. We’ll announce those once we have them setup. Stay tuned!

The FTX Team


#FTXHomeWod Video A – https://youtu.be/o-UAkLsvTVg

FGB: KB-style: 1:00 each, 3x through

  • Shoulder to Overhead
  • Squat (any hold)
  • Russian KB Swing
  • Lunges (any hold)
  • Snatch (any style)
  • Rest

Rx + = 55/35#
Rx = 35/25#

Equipment needed is a single KettleBell (KB).
You will set clock to 17 1-minute intervals.
Elements = 30/20#

WOD B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

#FTXHomeWod Video B – https://youtu.be/XfCwmtMI_OQ

Interval training
10 rounds of:
1:30 on / :30 off

10 Sit-ups w/ MB
10 MBSC 20/14# [30/20#]

Score = Burpees. The rest is essentially a buy-in each round.
Ensure full range of motion on MBSC (Medicine Ball Squat Cleans)

Elements: Use 14/10# MB.

Equipment needed = Medicine Ball

WOD C: Metcon (Time)

#FTXHomeWod Video C – https://youtu.be/mkDGvYjM_2M

4 Rounds for time of:

  • 40 RKBS 35/25# [55/35#]
  • 40 Step-ups 16″ w/ MB 20/14# [30/20#] *
  • 40 D/Us or 120 singles** [Rx+ must do D/Us]
  • 400m Run

* Use steps/stairs in your house or anything solid that will support your weight. Steps/stairs – Step to second step and back down.
** Or Jumping Jacks.

Elements: KB 30/20#, MB 14/10# and do 90 jumping jacks

Equipment needed KB, MB and optional jump rope.
Find a suitable 400m route to run. (200m out and back each round.)

WOD D: Metcon (Time)

#FTXHomeWod Video D – https://youtu.be/JdZXwGq4iMY

4 [5] Rounds for time:

  • 16 Alt. DB Snatches 45/30# [50/35#]
  • 32 Lunges w/ DB (Any hold & 1 ct.)

Snatches are from the ground with both heads of DB touching.
Note that Rx is 4 rounds and Rx+ is 5 rounds, and the weight is slightly heavier.
Elements: 25/20#

Equipment needed is a single Dumbbell (DB).

WOD E: FGB Slam Ball & Plate (AMRAP – Reps)

#FTXHomeWod Video E – https://youtu.be/s-P5KDad6oU

FGB style – Slam Ball: 1:00 each, 3x through

  • Slam Balls 20/16#
  • Russian Twists (2ct.)
  • Push-ups [w/ plate on back]
  • SB Squat Cleans
  • G2O w/ Plate 15/10# [45/25#]

Equipment needed is a single Slam Ball (SB) and Plate.
Elements: Do Rx wt.

WOD F: Metcon (Time)

#FTXHomeWod Video F – https://youtu.be/y_3ARr7EyOI

5 Rounds for time of:

  • 400m Run [run w/ slam ball 20/16#]
  • 40 OH Plate Lunges (1ct) 15/10# [45/25#]

Equipment needed is a plate [Rx+ will need SB as well].
Find a suitable 400m route to run. (200m out and back for each round)
Elements: Use Rx wt., but for lunges any hold is OK.

If you don’t have any equipment or not the equipment listed –

WOD A – This can be done with a DB or any odd object suitably heavy.
WOD B – This can be done with any suitable object that’s heavy enough. Ideas – box of books, bag of potatoes/apples, fish bowl (See video to get this joke. Given the situation, we’re entitled to make bad jokes.)
WOD C – This can be done with a DB or any odd object suitably heavy.
WOD D – This can be done with a KB.
WOD E– Subsitute as follows: Slam Balls w/ Burpees, Russian Twists w/ V-ups,  SB Squat Cleans w/ Prisoner Squats and for G2O use any object that weights 10+ lbs.
WOD F – Use any object that’s 10/15+ lbs. for OH lunges.