Week of March 16-21

March 15th, 2020

We are open
(Any potential drop-ins need to call us first @ 630.981.4964)

We will be open this week with our normal schedule in place. We have taken the following steps:

  • Increased our cleaning schedule by 50%.
  • Cancelled child care and closed our kids’ area 🙁
  • Running our air vents 24/7 to increase exchange of inside air for fresh outdoor air.
  • Asking members to wash hands coming and going, and wipe down equipment. And if you are sick, please stay home.
  • Modifying workouts to reduce or eliminate sharing of equipment.

Health and Community

One of the things this whole Covid-19 pandemic highlights is how important it is for us to take care of our health. The healthier you are the less you personally have to fear an illness. Though nothing can make you 100% safe, being stronger and healthier not only is great protection, but it also allows you to enjoy life more. At FTX we are about more than a workout, we are there to change your life. We are a health and fitness solution.

But as a community we also have the privilege and responsibility to be there for family, friend and neighbor. Let us use what we have been given to be an example for others not only by how we live but also by how we give. Let us do what we can to protect those around us that may not be able to protect themselves. We can do this by taking preventative measures to reduce spreading this disease, and being there to help others. We can help by getting groceries or by cleaning for the elderly and sick. We can also be a beacon in our community by supporting small businesses that are being affected by this situation. In everything there is always an opportunity. And there are definitely opportunities during these times.

Specialty Classes This Week

FTX Gold (55+) – Wednesday 2:30pm
Family WOW! – Saturday 10am

Seven Sons Farm

You are what you eat! Exercise, nutrition and recovery are the keys to health. Workout hard, eat well and get rest. Food that is not processed and free of chemicals and pollutants is a must. We are here to help!

Our next delivery is Saturday, April 25th. Order by Tuesday, April 21st.
Delivery is to FTX CrossFit between 3:00pm – 4:00pm. You will be given a 30 minute window for pick-up. Ordering is easy.
Quality food is a must. Seven Sons is a great source for grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free meat that is ethically grown. They also offer great dairy products and more, and all of the highest quality.

screenshot-sevensons.net 2015-01-02 07-52-00

Order here.

WOD Summary

Please look at Wodify for the specific daily WOD announcements. They are available a week in advance. We will no longer post full WODs here.

We will be finishing up our current strength cycle over these last two weeks of March. We’ve seen a lot of PRs and it has been great to do something different. A proper warm-up is essential, therefore it is important to arrive to classes on time in order to properly go through the whole warm-up sequence. The following is an outline of our strength program this week.

  • Monday: Push Press and Deadlift.
  • Tuesday: Pull-ups or wtd. pull-ups.
  • Wednesday: 3 Dumbbell exercises – Arnold presses, Thrusters and Straight-leg Deadlifts.
  • Thursday: Olympic lifting – Clean & Jerk.
  • Friday: Push Press and Front Squat.
  • Saturday: None, given a long chipper.

Our WODs this week start on Monday with a shorter triplet consisting of KB Snatches, KB Goblet Squats and T2B. Tuesday is fast-paced body-weight FGB. On Wednesday we will have you lunging and burpeeing. Thursday gives you the option between Olympic lifting and a WOD that will test your glycolitic energy system. Friday brings you a short trio of pull-ups, push-ups and box jumps.

On Saturday we will have our first March Madness WOD. The NCAA may have cancelled its March Madness, but not us. We have selected 64 movements and ranked them according to their frequency as tracked by wodwell.com. These 64 movements will then battle it out over the next 3 weeks in single elimination format. The winners of each battle will determine the movements of our WODs. How will the winners be determined? Classes will vote throughout this time between certain movements. You all will determine the winners! Our first March Madness WOD will be a 16 movement chipper this Saturday.

You might think that this is kind of random and how is that good programming. The first CrossFit Games used an actual hopper to determine the WODs! Also, one of idea that CrossFit espouses is being ready for the unknown and unknowable. Having said that, we will be determining time format, reps, loading, etc. to ensure we all get some great workouts out of this. But above all this will be something fun and different!

We hope you enjoy this week of functional, constantly varied workouts done at an appropriate level of intensity. As always – train smart!