Week of September 29 through October 5

September 29th, 2019

Anniversary and Open Party

Saturday, October 5th @ 6pm
Fun for the whole family. We hope everyone can be there. We’ll have food, drinks and lots of fun!

RSVP – Here!

CrossFit Open

The 2020 CrossFit Open starts on Thursday, October 10th, 2019 and goes through Monday, November 11th. 5 Weeks and 5 workouts.

This year we are having a blast with the CrossFit Open.

  • Judging – Saturdays (all classes) and Sundays (2:30pm-3:30pm). Yes! We will be open on Sunday afternoons during the 5 weeks of the Open.
  • Friday Night lights – from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (No regular classes for the 5 weeks of the open at that time on Friday evenings.)
  • Teams – We will have 3 teams at FTX – Red, Black and Silver. Each team will be made up of Rx, Intermediate and Scaled athletes. Each team will have athletes of all 3 levels. To be part of a team you have to sign-up for the Open prior to our party on Saturday, October 5th. We need all levels of athletes!
  • Inter-box Competition – We will be doing this with our friends at CrossFit Caliber. They also will have Red, Black and Silver teams. Their teams will join our teams for some extra fun!
  • Extra-challenges – Each week we’ll fun extra challenges for teams to complete.
  • Sign-up – Register for the Open here.

Specialty Classes This Week

Yoga – Tuesday 7:30pm
FTX Gold (55+) – Wednesday 2:30pm
Family WOW! – Saturday 10am

Seven Sons Farm

Next delivery is this Saturday, November 9th. Order by Tuesday, November 5th.
Delivery is to FTX CrossFit. Ordering is easy.
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WOD Summary

Please look at Wodify for the specific daily WOD announcements. They are available a week in advance. We will no longer post full WODs here.

This week’s Strength cycle schedule:
We are into the 7th week of a 16 week strength cycle based on the Juggernaut system. What we like about this system is that it is specifically designed to complement other activities/sports. This week is the 3nd week of the second phase. But, we also have options for those that haven’t been doing the Juggernaut system.

The CrossFit Open start on October 10th. We’ll continue to prepared for it this week, though in a sense we are always preparing since being ready for whatever and whenever is one of the basic tenets of CrossFit. As in prior weeks, we will do a past Open WOD. This Wednesday it is 15.3.

Monday starts with a typical triplet AMRAP. Tuesday is a long WOD with quite a bit of volume. Wednesday is the past Open WOD. Thursday is a longer girl benchmark. We don’t recommend going all out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You’ll want to perhaps just focus on two of the MetCons. On the other day, take a rest or come in do the strength and spend time stretching, doing SMR and/or light cardio. Friday is a fun chipper. And we finish the week remembering Juliana.

We hope you enjoy this week of functional, constantly varied workouts done at an appropriate level of intensity. As always – train smart!