Tuesday June 18, 2019

June 17th, 2019

Specialty Classes

7:30pm Yoga


[No measure – Do after WOD]
3 Sets:
20 Medicine Ball Sit-ups [GHD w/ medicine ball]
30 Russian Twists with Medicine Ball
Rest as needed between sets

CAUTION! Only do GHD w/ medicine ball if you’ve been regularly doing sets of 15+ GHD sit-ups over the past few weeks. At least 2x per week.


400m Run Buy-in


3 Rounds of:
30 Plate Ground to Overheads
20 Lunge to Step-ups
10 Calorie Row or Bike
1:00 rest between rounds

20:00 Time cap incl. buy-in

Rx+: 45#/25# Plate, 24″/20″ Box
Rx: 25#/15# Plate, 24″/20″ Box
Score is total time


Do main WOD and accessory work today.

Order sheets are at FTX. $30/shirt.
For each shirt $20-22 will be donated to Peter.
All who buy a shirt will get a free NRG packet.
Shirts or hats are your ticket to the special WOD on Saturday 7/20.