Friday May 31, 2019

May 30th, 2019

Fire Team 4 Challenge & Fundraiser
Saturday 6/15


Get your team of 4 together now! If you need helping find teammates, then let us know. We’ll get you setup.

Last day to sign-up and get your shirts is today (Friday 5/31). Black = Competitor / White = Volunteer.

FireTeam_4_GEAR4 FireTeam_4_GEAR3 FireTeam_4_GEAR FireTeam_4_GEAR2


Sprint as fast as possible through:

6 Wall-balls throwing as high as possible
6 shuttle runs (25ft – beam to beam)
6 Wall-balls throwing as high as possible

Each athlete completes this 4 times.

Rest as needed between attempts.

Record fastest time.

Rx: 20#/14#

Strength / Skillwork

No measure

3 Sets:
– 10 each leg Single Leg Cross-body Dumbbell Deadlifts (Left first)
– 30 Glute Bridges with band above knees (focus on driving knees out into the band – don’t let them cave in!)
– 40 Band Tricep Push-downs


Do main WOD