Wednesday May 22, 2019

May 21st, 2019

Specialty Classes

FTX Gold (65+) – 2:30pm

Strength / Skillwork


1 Mile Run for time (Alternate to Deadlift)

If you plan on doing tomorrow’s WOD, you might want to skip deadlift today and do a 1-mile run instead.


5 Rounds for time:
30 Ball Slams 20/16#
20 Stick Jumps 20/16″ [24/20″]
10 Box Dips [Ring Dips]

Stick jumps = set these up like we do for the jumps we do for the 5 shuttle run w/ blocks into bucket and then jumps for remaining time.


Do main WOD today

A note on our Elements WODs:

The main goal for Elements is to avoid barbells, complex movements and heavy weights.

We keep the Elements WOD as close to the main WOD as possible. This is so our trainers can reasonably demonstrate, teach and coach all the movements involved, and to keep logistics reasonable. Elements isn’t purely a beginner or scaled version. Though we try to keep it similar to the main WOD, it can be very different sometimes, and at times Elements is in some respects “harder” than the main WOD. Our Elements WODs were never intended to be a totally alternate training program.