Monday May 20, 2019

May 19th, 2019

Upcoming Events
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Murph WOD – Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday 5/25


Everyone needs to register for Murph. The WOD is free for members. We especially need a good headcount for food!

Fire Team 4 Challenge & Fundraiser
Saturday 6/15


Get your team of 4 together now! If you need helping find teammates, then let us know. We’ll get you setup.

Strength / Skillwork

Front Squat


Partner WOD
4 Rounds for time (16:00 Cap):
100 ft Wheel Barrow
30 Alt. partner wall ball 20/14# [See below]
15 Syncro DB Snatches 30/20# [45/30#]

Alternate who is the wheel barrow at 50′ mark.
On the Wall Balls for Rx+ both partners squat each time, i.e. each partner will throw ball 15 times but squat 30 times. On Rx only the partner with the ball will squat, i.e. each partner will alternate squatting and throwing ball, which will result in each partner doing 15 wall balls per round.
If need be, scale the wheelbarrow with a bear crawl where both partners bear crawl 100ft.

Solo version – Only do if there’s no partner for you šŸ™
4 Rounds for time (16:00 cap):
200 ft Bear crawl
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 DB Snatches 30/20# [45/30#]


Do main WOD