Friday, February 1, 2019

January 31st, 2019

Upcoming Events

SMR Clinic

Get a great “massage”, especially after all this freezing weather!


Tomorrow Saturday, February 2nd, 2019. 12pm-2pm.

Upper Body – 12pm-1pm
Lower Body – 1pm-2pm

2 hours = $20 / 1 hour = $10 / Unlimited Members can do both hours for $10.

Take care of your body! You work out hard, and you also need to recover well! This is like getting a two hour full-body massage.

Strength / Skillwork

Overhead Squat


Tabata :20on / :10 off – 8 Cycles per exercise.
Complete all intervals of one exercise before moving on to the next. Rest 1:00 (2 intervals) between exercises.
– Wall Ball 14/10# 9’/8′ (Note: Target height)
– Lunges (1ct)
– Sledge Hammer (2ct)
– RKBS 70/55#
– Bike (Cals)
Score for each round is the least number of reps completed in any of the 8 intervals per exercise.

Start on any exercise, but then go through in order. Max 4 people to any station/exercise.
Set clock to 48 intervals of 1 min. each.


Do main WOD today.