Friday December 28, 2018

December 27th, 2018

New Year Hours

We’ll close early on the New Year’s Eve, with our last class being at 5:30pm. We are closed on the New Year’s Day. All other classes as usual.

Strength / Skillwork

Work on form. If you are new to the snatch, then practice components thereof. Those that have been at FTX for a while should really being doing SQUAT snatches versus power snatches. You’ll never really get better if you stay in your comfort zone. Quality of movement over weight.


2:00 of:
-Cal Row 14/12
-Max. # of over the rower burpees
Rest 2:00
2:00 of:
– Cal Bike 14/12
– Max. # of Walking Lunges (2ct)
Rest 2:00
2:00 of:
-Cal Row 14/12
– Max. # of over the rower burpees

Score = Total Burpees + Walking Lunges (2ct)

Large classes do heats 2:00 apart.



Do main WOD today.