Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December 10th, 2018

Brian Condra

Has completed 3 months of our Intern Program as is now starting as an Assistant Trainer.
You will start seeing Brian coaching this month!


Specialty Classes

Yoga at 7:30pm

Strength / Skillwork

Record your 1+ set.
If you haven’t been doing the 5-3-1 Strength program consistently these past 2 weeks, then just do 5-5-5-5 with gradually increasing weight.


For time do:
Bike 1 mile
21 sumo deadlift high pulls 75/55#
12 OTB burpees
Row 500m
15 sumo deadlift high pulls 95/65#
15 OTB burpees
20x20m Shuttle Runs (total 400m)
9 sumo deadlift high pulls 115/75#
21 OTB burpees

Scale as needed. For large classes do heats of 5. If you can’t run, do a 2nd 500m Row instead.


For time do:
Bike 1 mile
20 KB SDHP 35/25#
10 Burpees
Row 500m
20 RKBS 45/30#
10 Burpees
20x20m Shuttle Runs (total 400m)
20 Air Squats to a med ball
10 Burpees

Scale as needed. Start in same heats as main class.
If you can’t run, do a 2nd 500m Row instead.