Thursday October 11

October 10th, 2018

Upcoming Events

7th Anniversary Party
Saturday, October 27th at 6pm


Fun for the whole family! Great food and better company.
Wear a costume (please keep it family friendly) and come for a great annual event.
Purchase meal tickets here so we can get an accurate count and get the right amount of food.

Strength / Skillwork

10 Cals on Bike for time


– No measure –
Perform 4 Rounds of:
– 4 Tripod to handstand progressions
– 4 Skin the cats
– 15 OHS
– 5-20 reps of GHD situps (Do no attempt 10+ reps in a given round unless you’ve been regularly doing GHD situps!)

For the OHS, you will use rounds 1 – 3 as a warm-up. On round 4 go for the heaviest set of 15 possible.
If you can’t do OHS, then work on doing squats against a wall.


4 Rounds of:
Intervals of 1:00
(Switch exercises each interval)
– Singles
– RKBS 35/25#
– 8 Count Body Builders (each one = 8 reps)
– :20s Hold each plank position (Level, right & left)