Monday August 20

August 19th, 2018

#FTXAugustMust – Participation in our August series of mini-challenges is a must! Video your performances, log them in Wodify and post them with the tag #FTXAugustMust to win prizes. And of course – earn bragging rights, especially if you beat Al! Each of the mini-challenges will be 1 minute or less. Some will involve traditional movements, while others will be a bit more creative 🙂

#FTXAugustMust Final and In-house mini-competition on 8/25 from 10am-2pm. We will host an in-house mini-competition consisting of ten 2 minute challenges. Cost is $20. We will have prizes, food and more. Proceeds will go to buy a new rower.

Bible Reading Group

Bible Reading Group is tonight (Monday 8/20) at 8:30pm. Very casual group, and anyone is welcome.

Strength / Skillwork



Teams of 3 or 4
12 Min. AMRAP
– 10 Cal Bike
– 5 Burpee Box Jump Overs
– 50 ft Sprint
– Object carry 50 ft

1 person will start on the bike. The next person can get on the bike as soon as the first one is off. Then the third person can hop on as soon as the second one is off. And so on. After that you just keep going through AMRAP in the same order.
There will be a variety of objects to pick from. First come first serve. Some objects will have bonus points and/or special instructions. Pays to have your team get there first! You can carry a max of two objects at a time. They have to be carried. If you set down or drop your object(s) during the carry, you have to do a 5 burpee penalty before picking them up and proceeding.
Score is # of (lbs. + bonus points) retrieved by the team divided by 10.



Do main WOD.

FTX Mini Challenges

  • Burpee Challenge (Al’s rules)
  • Andresdottir Challenge
    Be fun, creative and SAFE. Come up with a mini-WOD of 1 min. or less involving Andresdottir (Mannequin). Video it!