Friday August 3

August 2nd, 2018

No Family WOW! class on Saturday

#FTXAugustMust mini-challenges are on! This week’s challenges:

Choose the one’s you like to do. To be eligible for the weekly prizes, video your performance and post with the tag #FTXAugustMust.

  • Max meters rowed in 55 seconds. At the 55 second mark stop rowing and let it coast. Record final # of meters.
  • Max # of rope climbs in 1 minute. Rep counts when you touch beam. You may jump and grab rope on each climb.
  • Max # of 24″/20″ Box jumps in 1 minute holding an odd object. We’ll judge on # of reps and give bonus points for creativity on the object held. Have fun, but BE SAFE!

MyZone MZ-3

If you want one of the MyZone heart rate monitor belts, just put your name on our store sheet and write “Order MZ-3”.mz3

Strength / Skillwork

None today


  I.W.T. (5 Rounds)
3 Hang Squat Snatch / 5 Hang Power Snatch
2:00 of Burpees, Calorie Bike, Calorie Row, Box Jumps, Russian KBS
REST 2:00
Score = All Rounds of Snatch weight + Burpees*2 + Calories + Calories + Box Jump + KBS

Rx+: Hang Squat Snatch, 45/30# KB, 24/20″
Rx: Hang Power Snatch, 35/25# KB, 20/18″
(Both levels allow step-ups)


1000m Row
1000m Run
1000 Singles

If you have a MyZone heart monitor, use it and try to stay in the Yellow zone.