Thursday August 2

August 1st, 2018

#FTXAugustMust mini-challenges are on! This week’s challenges:

Choose the one’s you like to do. To be eligible for the weekly prizes, video your performance and post with the tag #FTXAugustMust.

  • Max meters rowed in 55 seconds. At the 55 second mark stop rowing and let it coast. Record final # of meters.
  • Max # of rope climbs in 1 minute. Rep counts when you touch beam. You may jump and grab rope on each climb.
  • Max # of 24″/20″ Box jumps in 1 minute holding an odd object. We’ll judge on # of reps and give bonus points for creativity on the object held. Have fun, but BE SAFE!


Strength / Skillwork

Take 5 sets to warm-up to what you think is your optimal 10 rep max (RM)
10 reps per set, rest adequately between sets.
If you fail to hit 10 reps on your heaviest set then record your 2nd heaviest weight.
Score = Total Poundage from your heaviest set of 10.
[i.e. 95# for 10 reps = 950 lbs.]


For time:

100 Double-Unders
75 Calorie Row
50 Calorie Bike
25 Long Shuttle Runs (1st to last beam)

Go in any order. 500 singles in lieu of D/Us is Rx as well.


6 Rounds for time of:
3 Hang Snatch @ 80%
3 Back Squats (same wt.)
6 Over box Jump, 24/20″
Rest 1:00