Saturday May 19

May 18th, 2018

Bring a Friend Week!

This whole week we encourage you to bring your friends to any of our classes. They will all be suitable for the brand new person looking to try CrossFit. They can register for any of our classes this week here. It’s free as long as they attend with a member!

Strength / Skillwork

Front Squat
[Friends & Family Do sets of 8 only]

Overhead Squat


:20 On / :10 Off Tabata, 8x,
Calorie Bike
Rest 1:00
Hammer Swings* (Kids in family class do ball slams)
Rest 1:00
Rope Climb (5 points per rep) (Kids in family class do rope swings)
Rest 1:00
KB Push-press**
* head of the hammer must come up higher than the athlete’s head and must open hips when bringing the Hammer back up.
**Alt. Arms each interval. 4x on the left 4x on the right.