Thursday March 15

March 15th, 2018

No 6:30pm or 7:30pm class today due to 18.4 CrossFit Open Announcement
Come to the live Open WOD announcement at 7pm. After the live announcement watch our very own “Rookies” do 18.4. BYOB. Anyone can come and watch. Also, anyone that’s signed up for the Open can also come and do the WOD with Peter in his now very famous stretch jeans!

Strength / Skillwork



Happy 34th Birthday Renae!
[No she did not ask for a Bday WOD.]
3 Rounds for time:
15 Hang Cleans
15 Wall Balls
15 Box Jumps
19 Cal. Row
84 D/U

(2-3 heats as needed for Rowers, 2:00 delay)
Rx+: 115/75#, 30/20#, 30/24″
Rx: 95/65#, 20/14#, 24/20″ / 84 single leg singles instead of D/Us.


20:00 AMRAP
15 Air Squat
10 Push-up
15 Leg Lift
10 Lunges (2-ct)
15 Scissors
10 Ring Rows