Monday March 5

March 4th, 2018

2018 CrossFit Open

We are concluding week 2 this Monday, March 5th. Anyone that still has to do 18.2 or wants to redo it, please avoid any of our peak hours and try to coordinate with a partner in order to judge each other.

Come to the Week 3 announcement this Thursday at 7pm!

Strength / Skillwork

Handstand Pushups

Front Squat
From the floor


Happy 21st Birthday Sam Cubberly! (3-4-97)
“The Firefighter WOD”
21:00 AMRAP
3 Bear crawls (25’)
4 Wt.’d Indoor laps (any carry, any object)
9/9 Wt.’d Step-ups
7/7 KB Strict Press

Rx+: 50/30# carry, 45s/30s for step-ups, 35/25# KB
Rx: 30/20# carry, 35s/20s for step-ups, 20/15# KB


30:00 AMCAP on the Bike
[As Many Calories As Possible]

Elements today might wish that we’d never opened these.