Tuesday January 30

January 29th, 2018

Upcoming Events

FTX Clinic Gymnastics (HSPUs) – February 3 – Beginner is 12pm – 1pm / Advanced is 1 pm – 2pm:

Beginner: Can’t do a Handstand

– Drills to help getting comfortable upside-down

– Drills on kicking up to the wall

– How to safely do a partial range-of-motion HSPU


Advanced: Can comfortably kick up to the wall 

– Drills on Kipping the HSPU and efficiency/cycling 

– Going over Strict HSPU and how to build strength for Strict HSPU/ways to modify to increase capacity.


0:00-15:00 Working on Thoracic Extension and opening up Chest+Lats

15:00-40:00 Drills/Progressions/Skill-work

40:00-60:00 Strength work to increase strength specifically in the Handstand Push-up.


You will all be given sheets for Skill-work and Strength you can do on your own for the next 6+ weeks based on your level. There will be a Phase 1, 2, and 3 sheet for all of you. This will not just improve your Handstand Push-ups! You will see the skill and strength transfer over to a whole lot of other movements that we do in CrossFit!

$20 ($15 for Unlimited Members). Buy an FTX Clinic session here.


Strength / Skillwork

Pull-ups (Get a PR for challenge)
Max. Set w/o coming off bar


Triple 5:00 AMRAP

5:00 AMRAP
12 DB Snatch
120 Singles or 30 D/U (Count 12 points/reps for this)

3:00 Rest

5:00 AMRAP
12 1-arm Ball Slams
12 Calorie Bike

3:00 Rest

5:00 AMRAP
12 DB Lunges
12 Calories Row

Rx+: 70/55# DB Snatch, 20/10# SB, 45s/35s DB Lunges
Rx: 50/30# DB, Snatch, 25s/15s DB Lunges
D/U are not required for any level but much faster


Do today’s WOD with
30/20# Snatches
20/15# SB
Bodyweight Lunges
this is Rx for Elements.