Saturday January 6

January 5th, 2018

Specialty Classes

10:00am Family WOW! – Note: This is a free class for kids and adults with a kid, but as of 1/1/18 we are requiring that all participants have a membership/sessions in order to attend this class. This class won’t count against attendance limits, nor will it deduct from any sessions you may have.

Strength / Skillwork

Max. set of unbroken D/Us


5-6 athletes can perform at one time. Everyone do it at least twice.

  • 30′ of Lunges
  • Backward Sprint 30′
  • Bear Crawl 30′
  • Forward Sprint 30′

[use one 30′ lane per athlete. Athletes will go down and back 2x]



4 Rounds of :40 Circuits

  • DB Snatch
  • Ring Rows
  • MB Squat Clean
  • KB C-crunch
  • Calorie Bike
  • Rest