Saturday December 16

December 15th, 2017

Strength / Skillwork

Speed/Power – Endurance

6-8 athletes per heat of similar ability. Everyone should perform this at least twice, with rest in between.

  • 5 Ball Slam, 20/15#
  • 3 Burpees
  • 1 indoor Lap Sprint

– Start athletes in different spots around the indoor circle.
– Set a direction to run so everyone goes the same way.
– Set up cone 1 color of cone for the corners and then give 1/2 the athletes 1 color to put by their exit/entry point and the other half a different color. Alternate the colors so that it is very clear who belongs to each spot.


EMOTM, 14 rounds

  • 5 Step-ups w/ KB (Box @ knee height)
  • 10 KB Figure 8 w/ uppercut
  • 5 Push-ups w/ one hand on KB (Alternate hands each minute)

Rd. 15+ is “death-by-rules” 6+11+6 Reps, then 7+12+7 reps and so on.

Rx+: 55/35# KB. During Push-up KB is sitting on ground with handle up. Hand is on top of handle.
Rx: 35/25# KB, No hand on KB during push-up.
[Modify to KBS for anyone who can not get the Fig. 8]
Score is # of successful rounds completed, plus any reps from partial rounds.