Saturday November 4

November 3rd, 2017

Specialty Classes

Family WOW! is from 10am – 11am. This is a fun class for the whole family. Kid’s are free, and adults are too if they bring a kid!

Strength / Skillwork

Speed/Power Endurance work

Do (3) 8 yard Broad Jump lengths.
Broad Jump from beam to beam, but you stop for 5 Push-ups before every 1 Broad Jump. The race begins with push-ups.


5:00 AMRAP, 2:00 Rest, 4x
{Start wherever you stopped]

  • 50 D/U or 200 Singles
  • 40 Air Squats (to a MB/SB)
  • 30 Flutter Kicks (2-ct)
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 10 Pull-ups

Rx+: D/Us are a must
Rx: Ring Rows