Saturday October 21

October 20th, 2017

Specialty Classes

Family WOW! at 10am – Remember this class does NOT count against attendance limits, i.e. free, if you bring a kid! And it it’s free for the kid(s) as well! Don’t miss it.

Strength / Skillwork

None today


Choose 1 of the two O’Course Options (Default, especially for newer members, is 2.0)

FTX O’Course 2.0

Run 800m w/ SB
20 Wall Balls w/ SB
Rope Climb, 2x
Over-box Jump Circuit, 1x
(20-18-20-18-20-24″ Box circuit)
Up and Down Flying Pull-up Bar
20 Ball Slams
Run 400m (no SB)
Tires and Balance Beams
Low crawl
Cargo Net
Double Pull-up Bar
Body Hurdles
Run 400m (no SB)
10 Tire Flips
Carry Bag for 200m

FTX O’Course 3.0

5 Rounds For Time
Run 400m
Over the Cargo Net 1x
Weaver, 1x (Rx+ Only)
Double Pull-up Bar, 2x
Ramp Run, 3x
Body Hurdles 2x through (6 hurdles)
The Pit, 1x (Rx+ only)
Rx+: as written
Rx: Touch the top of the cargo net, No Weaver, 1 Double Bar, 1 Ramp Run, 1 Body Hurdle (3 hurdles), No Pit


For time:

Run 200m*
20 Wall Balls, 20/14#
Run 200m*
20 Slam Balls, 30/20#
Run 200m*
20 Pull-ups / Horizontal Ring Rows
Run 200m*
20 Push-ups, Hand release as needed
Run 200m*
20 Hanging Leg Raises (straight Legs)
Run 200m*
20 Dips, any style with full range of motion
Run 200m*

*Row if needed, injury/weather