Monday October 2

October 1st, 2017


Bible Reading Group will meet tonight at 8:30pm. Usually it’s the 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of the month, but due to scheduling conflicts we are meeting on a Monday night.

Strength / Skillwork

Good Mornings
Tempo: 50X1,  :05 going down, no pause before going up, up as fast as you can, :01 pause at top.

Back Squat


Partner FGB, 1:00 at each station for 3 rounds

  • Ricochet Wall Balls
  • MB Sit-up pass-off
  • Chest Throw Passes, 8′ away
  • Cats’ Play Plank*
  • Side Throws, 8′ away
  • REST

*[For the Cats’ Play Plank the teammates will hold a plank, feet may be spread, and with one hand they push the MB to their partner who is facing them in a plank 4′ away. Alternate which hand you push the MB back with every time.]

Rx+: 30/20# MB
Rx: 20/14# MB
Scale as needed, but you will use the same MB for all movements and obviously you and your partner will do the same weight.
Trainers can jump in to complete teams. Do the Elements if there is no good match for a teammate.


Slam Ball FGB, 1:00 intervals for 3 rounds

  • Wall Ball, 15/10# SB
  • Bent over Chest Throws to the floor
  • SB sit-ups
  • Ball Slams
  • Russian Twist
  • REST

If you want to go heavier, do so and put it in the notes.