Thursday September 28

September 27th, 2017


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“Lift Like a Girl” Barbell class starts Sunday, October 1. 5 Weeks. Classes are 9am-11am. $100. Sign-up here.

Strength / Skillwork

None today


No measure
KB Workshop day: 6 Rounds

  • 1+1 Turkish Get-ups (single)
  • 5 Front Rack Squats (double)
  • 5 Top-Down Flyes (double)
  • 3+3 Windmills (single)
  • 5+5 Point Guard Lunges (single)
  • 50 Russian KBS Stay w/ moderate weight

Start with moderate weight and build up to max weight. REST PLENTY! Point Guard Lunges – swing the KB under your forward leg and switch hands as you lunge. Try Left to Right when you lead with your right leg.


8 Rounds of:

  • 6 Ab wheel rollouts
  • 12 Ring Rows
  • 18 Walking Lunges